Vassar College Pool


  • Please observe any building rules that Vassar has posted on the incoming doors
  • Everyone must ENTER and EXIT through the Athletic & Fitness Center (AFC) lobby
    • Entering or Exiting the building through any other door is prohibited
  • BOTH Parents/Guardians AND Swimmers must sign in at the Front Desk 
    • Re-entering during the same practice requires check-in again at the Front Desk
  • Coaches and Lifeguards must also sign in at the Front Desk
  • Bronze:

A parent or guardian is required to accompany their swimmers onto the pool deck for the start of practice.  A parent oe guardian is required to pick up their swimmers from the pool deck at the end of practice.  Parents are permitted to stay and watch the practices from the pool balcony viewing area. 

Locker Rooms & Changing Areas

  • Dolphin swimmers and families are guests of the practice facilities and are subject to the facility's rules & regulations.  While the Dolphins are permitted to use the locker rooms at these practice facilities, the locker rooms are shared with the school’s students, faculty, employees, and their families.  As such, there may be people who are not associated with the Dolphins in the locker rooms around the time of practice.
  • Use of the locker rooms is solely allowed at the discretion of the Dolphins swimmer’s parents/guardians. 
  • For swimmers who use the locker rooms:
    • To limit the time in the locker rooms, the Dolphins discourages the use of the showers at the practice facilities.
    • Swimmers should dry off and change into their dry clothes and exit the locker room.
  • No swimmer is to leave the pool area during practice, without the permission of their Coach.
    • If a swimmer doesn’t return in a timely manner either the Coach, or another swimmer designated by the Coach, will check on the swimmer.
  • Limited Parental Access to Locker Rooms
    • Only same-sex parents may enter the locker rooms, and only in certain emergency situations; if a child requires significant assistance in getting dressed, or to check on a swimmer who is lingering in the locker room (only if no Coach, Board Member or another swimmer is available.)     
  • Requirement to Use Locker Room or Changing Area
    • The designated locker room or changing area must be used when an athlete or Adult Participant changes, in whole or in part, into or out of a swimsuit when wearing just one suit (e.g., deck changing is prohibited)
  • Observable and Interruptible
    • All In-Program Contact between Adult Participants and Minor Athletes in a locker room, changing area or similar space must be observable and interruptible, except:
    • In emergency circumstances.
    • A Dual Relationship exists; and/or
    • The Close-In-Age exception applies.
  • Private or Semi-Private Space for Minor Athletes:
    • The Organization must provide a private or semi-private place for Minor Athletes that need to change clothes or undress at Events or Facilities Under Partial or Full Jurisdiction of the Organization.
  • Use of Recording Devices
    • Use of any device’s (including a cell phone’s) recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras in locker rooms, changing areas, or similar spaces by a Minor Athlete or an Adult Participant is prohibited.


Vassar College's "Kresge" Pool is located in the Walker Field House on the Vassar College Campus.

Directions to the Walker Field House ( Click Here for Vassar Campus Map )

1) The following directions are from entering campus by Raymond Avenue

  • From the Main Gate go straight toward Main Building.
  • Turn right at the second stop sign on Main Campus Drive.
  • Follow Main Campus Drive to the next stop sign, make a left.
  • Follow it to the next right. then turn right onto Sunset Lake Drive
  • Continue down the hill on Sunset Lake Drivel, go over the bridge and up Sunset Lake Drive.
  • Walker Field House is the gray wood building to your right
  • Parking available in the lot to your right.
  • The Athletic & Fitness Center  (AFC) is the brick building on the left. 
  • Both Walker Field House & AFC share an entrance that is located between the 2 buildings.
  • Dolphins Swimmers & Families must sign in for each practice in the Dolphins Log Book.


2) Use Maps on your mobile device, enter Vassar College Althletics - Walker Field House for directions from your location