(Signed at Registration)


LIST OF CODES OF CONDUCT (Contents listed below)

  • Swimmer Code of Conduct
  • Parent Code of Conduct
  • Coaches Code of Conduct



I understand it is a privilege and an honor to be a member of the Dolphin Swim Club of the Hudson Valley (hereafter referred to as 'Dolphins'). As a member of Dolphins, I agree to follow this Code of Conduct. I also understand that if I make choices which do not conform to this important set of rules, I will be at risk for disciplinary action which may limit my privileges and might lead to expulsion from the team:

Our guidelines are founded on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation.


  1. If I see something that looks unsafe, or someone who seem out of place or unfamiliar, doing something unsafe or unusual, I will report it to my coach immediately.
  2. I will not climb on lane line/cover reels, or go near any drains or filter inlets.
  3. I will not run, push, or play around on the deck area, or throw training equipment of any kind.
  4. I will not bring glass containers onto the pool deck.


  1. I will not judge or criticize others. I will not talk about others behind their back.
  2. I will be committed to my best effort every day. I will try hard and do what the coach says.
  3. I will be respectful and polite to my coaches and parents or guardians.
  4. I will not swear, talk back, or use disrespectful language.
  5. I will respect personal space: I will not push, hit, spit, or inappropriately touch others.
  6. I will act with respect and honor. I will never use racial slurs or derogatory comments which make teammates or opponents feel uncomfortable, intimidated or degraded.
  7. I will respect personal property: I will not harm, destroy, litter, or trash property. This also means locker rooms, pool decks, landscaping, hallways, etc)
  8. I will respect the private property of others. I will never steal or harm the private possessions of others.
  9. I will respect my coaches and teammates by arriving on time to practice and meets.
  10. I will respect and believe in myself. I will not use tobacco products, illegal drugs or alcohol.


  1. I will not act like a bully! (Intentionally hurt or make discouraging remarks or create a negative environment for my teammates or opponents)
  2. I will use my hard work and talent to win races, not my words.
  3. I will not boast when I win, and I will be courageous when I lose.
  4. I will remember that everything I do, good, bad, and indifferent, is a reflection on my community and my club.


  1. I will cheer my teammates, promote team spirit and morale.
  2. I will lift the spirits of my teammates when they are down.
  3. I will wear my Dolphins apparel with pride and do my best to follow the spirit of the Code of Conduct outside my Dolphins activities.


  1. I will bring all the equipment I need (goggles, fins, towels, water) to each practice.
  2. I will arrive to practice and swim meets on time.
  3. I will be responsible for caring for equipment and using it properly. Practice is not finished until all supplies are returned to storage. Everyone helps.

The full USA Swimming Code of Conduct can be viewed here.



As a parent of a swimmer of the Dolphins Swim Club of the Hudson Valley (hereafter referred to as "Dolphins", I will abide by the following guidelines:

  1. I will be a positive role model for my swimmer and for Dolphins by using proper language, attire and manners.
  2. I will encourage and support my swimmer and all members of the Dolphins.
  3. I will teach my child to be modest in winning and gracious in losing.
  4. I will demonstrate positive support for all swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators at every meet, practice or other swimming event.
  5. I will demand that my child treat other swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect.
  6. I will make sure that my child arrives on time to practices and meets.
  7. I will respect practices: If I need a discussion with a coach, I will contact the coach before, after or outside of practice for a discussion.
  8. I will be responsible for the actions and conduct of my child.
  9. I will equip my swimmer(s) with suits, goggles, caps, and any other equipment helpful to my child's development and performance as a member of the Dolphins.
  10. I understand Dolphins is only responsible for my child while they are in the water or on the pool deck. I am responsible for my child at all other times. My child's safety is my responsibility. The swim team is not a childcare service.
  11. I am responsible for supervising all children (i.e. siblings) I bring to any practice or event.
  12. If my child or I have questions regarding coaching, I will encourage my child to discuss the issues with their coach, or I will discuss any concerns or suggestions with my child's coach at an appropriate time and manner. After discussing my concerns, I will respect and abide by their professional decision even if it does not agree with mine.
  13. I understand that officials who judge meets are volunteers who have the best interest of all swimmers in mind. I may not agree with calls or decisions by officials during swim meets and other competitions, and if so, I will direct questions or concerns made by meet officials to a member of our coaching staff. Our coaches, in turn, will pursue the matter through appropriate channels.
  14. As a parent, I will not coach or instruct the team or any swimmer at practices or meets (from the stands or any other area) or interfere with coaches on the pool deck as they work.
  15. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at meets and practices.
  16. As a parent, I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials, and/or any participating swimmer will not be permitted or tolerated.
  17. I understand that in accordance with USA Swimming rules, parents are expected to remain in the spectator area and off the immediate competitive deck unless they are working the meet in an official capacity.
  18. I will enjoy involvement with the Dolphins by supporting the swimmers, coaches and other parents with positive communication and actions.
  19. I understand that the Hudson Valley Dolphins uses email as the primary form of communication of announcements and coach contact.
  20. I will check the team website ( and my email on a regular basis to keep up with any changes that may occur.
  21. I understand that I am expected to volunteer my time at a minimum of three (3) events (ie: meets) in order for the team to function properly.
  22. I, along with my family, will follow the rules set by each of the pool facilities rented by the Dolphins to help maintain a good working relationship with the facilities to ensure continued access to their pools.



The purpose of this code of conduct for coaches is to establish common expectations for all members of the coaching staff of the club. It is to be used as a guide to promote a positive team environment and good sportsmanship.

  1. At all times, adhere to USA Swimming’s rules and code of conduct.
  2. Set a good example of respect and sportsmanship for participants and fans to follow.
  3. Act and dress with professionalism and dignity in a manner suitable to his/her profession.
  4. Respect officials and their judgment and abide by the rules of the event.
  5. Treat opposing coaches, participants, and spectators with respect.
  6. Instruct participants in sportsmanship and demand that they display good sportsmanship.
  7. Coach in a positive manner and do not use derogatory comments or abusive language.
  8. Win with humility and lose with dignity.
  9. Treat every athlete fairly, justly, impartially, intelligently, and with sensitivity.
  10. Always place the well-being, health, and safety of swimmers above all other considerations, including developing performance.
  11. Continue to seek and maintain their own professional development in all areas in relation to coaching and teaching children.
  12. Always maintain a professional separation between coach and athlete.

Any complaints of a coach violating this code of conduct will be brought to the attention of his/her supervisor and/or the club’s board of directors.