Spring Season 2023




All New Swimmers must try out with a Dolphin Coach to determine which Training Group is the best fit for them. 

SPRING TRY OUTS for new swimmers will be held on

** Wednesday, April 19th at 7:30pm at Vassar College **

For Spring Try Out Questions, please email Adrienne Tirch at [email protected] 

 For the try out, have your swimmer bring goggles and a towel. Other suggested items: clothes to change into after swim, crocs/flip flops for locker rooms, swim caps and/or if long hair, have hair tied back. 





Welcome to Hudson Valley Dolphins Registration for

Spring Season 2023!

Monday, April 24th through Thursday, July 20th


Please note:

  • If during registration, you encounter problems with drop down menus not working, try changing your internet browser to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and try again.
  • For 2022-2023 Winter Season families registering multiple returning swimmers for the 2023 Spring Season, each swimmer must register separately to avoid paying the yearly registration fee again.
  • Practices in April, May, & June will be held in the evenings at Vassar College or Culinary Institute of America (CIA).  In July, all Training Groups practices will be at Vassar College.  The CIA pool is only available for Iron, Steel, SIlver, Gold, and U.S. Masters (Adult) training groups (ages 11 and older).


TOTAL FEES for the SPRING SEASON 2023 include Hudson Valley Dolphins Registration Fee AND USA Swimming Membership AND Hudson Valley Dolphins Training Group Fees

2023 Spring Season Fees:

1) Hudson Valley Dolphins REGISTRATION fees:

  • To Register with the Hudson Valley Dolphins Team, you must complete Registration on the Dolphin's website
  • New Families, registering on the Team's website creates a Family Dolphin Account with all your swimmers
  • Registration Fees are paid by CREDIT CARD ONLY
  • Registration Fees:
    • New Youth Swim Team Member:  $50
      • Training groups: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, & Gold
    • Returning Youth Swim Team 2022-2023 Winter Season Member:  Free**
    • Alumni Member:  $50 (must have 2023 USA Swimming membership and completed Athlete Protection Training)
    • U.S. Masters Swimming:  $50
  • Registration Discount:
    • For Families with multiple new youth swim team swimmers registering for Spring 2023
      • Not Applicable to 2022-23 Winter Season Swimmers registering for the Spring Season...your multi-swimmer discount was credited to your Dolphin account for Winter Season  (Any questions, contact Adrienne Tirch at [email protected])
    • Register all swimmers in your family during the same registration session
    • 2 Swimmers:  $50 discount off the Training Group Fees
    • 3 Swimmers:  $100 discount off the Training Group Fees
    • 4 Swimmers:  $150 discount off the Training Group Fees

**Returning swimmers: the registration system will bill any balance in your Dolphin account at check out and payment is required to complete your Spring Season registration.


  • USA Swimming Membership are purchased through the USA Swimming website (not the Dolphins website)
  • All Swimmers are required to have a 2023 USA Swimming Membership as this provides insurance on the swimmer and allows them to particpate in swim meets
  • For 2023, USA Swimming Premium Membership including taxes is $80.50 per swimmer
  • After swimmers registered with the Hudson Valley Dolphins, directions will be sent on how to purchase your swimmer's USA Swimming membership

3) Hudson Valley Dolphins SPRING SEASON TRAINING GROUP fees (billed & due on May 1st on your Dolphin Account):

  • Training Group Fees will be billed to the swimmer's Family Dolphin Account and are due on May 1st
  • 2023 Spring Season Training Group fees:
    • Bronze: $425
    • Iron: $475
    • Steel: $475
    • Silver: $525
    • Gold: $575
    • Alumni (ages 19-25) : $100
    • U.S. Masters: TBD (contact Adrienne Tirch for prorated training group fee based on starting date)


  • Swimmers who register for the 2023 Spring Season and pay the FULL PRICE Spring Season Training Group Fee are eligible for an $100 Training Group Fee credit towards their 2023-2024 FULL YEAR Training Group fees which will be applied to the first training group fee payment on Oct 1st.
  • *This Spring Special offer does not apply to swimmers who are registered Full Year for the 2022-2023 season as they received a discounted training group fee.

Waivers and Policies:

Please read all of the information and documents CAREFULLY prior to electronically signing off on them.  During the registration process, you will be required to sign the following waivers and policies which are available to view on the "Safe Sport" tab on the top menu:

  1. Waivers: Medical, Liability, and Photo/Video
  2. Hudson Valley Dolphins Refund Policy & Meet Fees
  3. Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)
  4. Hudson Valley Dolphins Codes of Conduct: Parents, Swimmers and Honor
  5. Hudson Valley Dolphins Anti-Bullying Policy


Registration completed: When registration is complete, an email will be sent to the email address that started the registration.  This email address will be your userid to access your Dolphins account. New members will also receive an email on how to access your new Dolphins account, once it is approved by the Dolphin's registrar.  In your Dolphins account, you will be able to manage/set up your future payments and personal information. You will also be able to see your swimmer's swim meet times, sign up for swim meets and team events, volunteer for jobs, etc.

Equipment Required:  Iron, Steel, Silver and Gold training groups require equipment for practices

  •  Iron Training Group:   Fins, Kick Board and Mesh carrying bag
  • Steel, Silver & Gold Training Groups: Fins, Swimmer's Snorkel, Stroke (Hand) Paddles, Kick Board and Pull Buoy are required and Mesh bag recommended to carry all equipment.


If you would like to discuss other payment options, please contact our Treasurer, Mike Skerrtt at [email protected] .

If you have questions regarding registration, please contact the Dolphin's Registration Coordinator, Adrienne Tirch at [email protected].

We look forward to having you join Hudson Valley Dolphins for the 2023 Spring Season!


Step by Step Instructions on for New Accounts/Swimmers:

FYI, you can have multiple webpages open at once, so you can keep the instructions on one tab and do the registration on another tab

Do you already have a SportsEngine account with another sports team?  If not, here are steps:

1. Go to registration page:
2. Scroll to bottom of page and click green box "Continue or Check Status"
3. On new page, click green box "+ Create New Account"
4. The next webpage: The screen should say SportsEngine and Sign in to Hudson Valley Dolphins
5. Next screen should be SportsEngine and "Welcome Hudson Valley Dolphins! Lets create an account.  Fill in the info requested.  

If it doesn't take you back to the Dolphins webpage with a title "Spring 2023 Registration"
1. Then try going back to the registration page:
2. Scroll to bottom of page and click green box "Continue or Check Status"
3. On new page, click blue box "Continue" and sign in with the account info you just created
4. Fill in all the required (red star) info (For U.S. Masters swimmers, you can just write NA for guardian info)
5. Click continue and on the next page click the green box on the top right hand side "+Add Member"...and fill in info and select  for Register to this Group "Training Group Name and Season"  and continue to fill in /check required boxes.  And follow the rest of the screens until registration is complete.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.