Meet Information

  • List of Swim Meets
    • Click the "Events & Calendar" TItle on the top of the Dolphins homepage
    • Swim Meets are listed on the Team Meets & Events tab by Date (not the Calendar tab)
  • Meet Information
    • Click on the name of the Swim Meet and a new pop up webpage will appear
    • This screen includes information about
      • Event Information:  meet dates, location and registration deadline
      • Meet Event Information:  course type (ie Yards or Meter, Short Course or Long Course pools) and other info
      • Description:  Session's warm up & start times
      • Form/Documents: Document that the host team has submitted to USA Swimming/Metro Swimming to get the meet sanctioned.  This document provides all the information about the meet including meet location, meet warm up and start times (go with the Description section times if different than this document), swimmers fees (ie per event which Dolphins add $3 per event to cover meet costs), per swimmer fee if applicable, spectator fee, list of events for each session and day, etc.

Meet Sign Up/Commit

  • Events/Sessions:
    • Each swimmer must indicate their attendance (commitment) for each meet by the Registration Deadline.  Commitment to a meet is made in the Event listing under the Events tab.  Changes CANNOT be made once the Registration Deadline has passed.
    • To commit to a swim meet, the Dolphin account MUST have a credit card saved/on file in the account.
    • Individual Events: A swimmer's events will be determined by either of the 2 options (indicated in the Event)
    1. Coaches determine swimmer's individual events for the meet. Swimmer's Events will based on the swimmer's attendance commitment as indicated in the Event listing.
    2. Families determine swimmer's individual events for the meet by selecting them at the time of commitment
    • Relays Events: Relays and their associated swimmers are at the discretion of the Coaches.
    • Swimmer's Entries will be available before meet in the Event listing in either the Entry Document or in the "Edit Commitment" section
  • How to Sign Up/Commit to a Meet (Or Indicate swimmer will NOT be attending meet)

USA Swimming Meet Fees

  • Cost: Additional Fees
    • USA Meet Fees are NOT included in training group fees.  These meets are extra fees that will be billed to the swimmer's Dolphin account.
    • Additional Fees are for each Registered Event (Host team may also required a Participant fee).  The host team typically charges $8-$10 per race and fees can be higher for meets outside of the Metropolitan Conference. Information about each meet and their fees are available in the Meet document that is included in the Event listing.
    • Dolphins add a surcharge of $3 per event to cover the team's meet related costs. 
    • USA Swimming Entries and their associated fees are due to the Host team one month before the meet.  Once submitted, these fees will be billed to the swimmer's Dolphins account and are NOT refundable even if the swimmer scratches from an event or session or does not attend the meet as the Dolphins paid for the entries regardless of actual participation.
  • Paying for Meets
    • After the final commit date, the Dolphins meet coordinator submits all event/races entries from all the swimmers who have commited to attend the meet to the host team.  At this time, the Dolphin's treasurer also sends the payment for all of the team's entries to the host team. 
    • Families do not pay meet fees to the host team as each swimmer's Meet Fees will be billed to their Dolphin's account by the team treasurer. 
    • Payment of these meet fees will be due the 1st of the upcoming month.

Miscellaneous Meet Information

  • Spectators
    • At swim meets, there is a admission fee for spectators that is paid at the meet to the host teams (cash). 
    • Most admissions fees are for 1 session only.  If your swimmer swims in multiple sessions, there will be an admission fee for each session.  Occassionally, a host team will have a set fee for the entire meet.
    • At the entrance to the viewing area, the host team will collect the admission fee and give a wrist band or hand stamp for re-entry
    • There may be long stretches of time between your swimmer's events.  Bring activities
    • Most spectator seating are benches (some with back support and some without).  If you like, bring seat cushion, etc.
  • Food
    • At most swim meets, the host team will have a concession stand with snacks, drinks, etc.
    • Spectators are allowed to bring their own food into a meet
  • Merch for Sale
    • Some meets will have vendors selling t-shirts, swim suits, swim equipment (googles, caps, etc), raffles.