Click here for Videos regarding the following topics (on the webpage, have your mouse hover over the maroon bar labelled "Playlist" on the right hand side, when list shows up, click on the video you would like to watch):

  • How to Verify Your Email/SMS
  • Your Invoice 101
  • Meet Sign Up 101
  • Online Registration 101
  • Job Sign Up 101
  • On Deck App Tutorial (Several Videos)
  • Invoices (Several Videos)



Q. How do I sign up to receive Text Messages regarding last minute changes to Practice Schedules/Meet Info?

A. To update your Dolphins Account with mobile phone info to receive texts, Click Here for instructions


Q. How do I sign up for Volunteer/Sign for Swim Meet Jobs?

A. To volunteer/sign up for a job, you need to sign up through your Dolphins Account.  Click Here for instructions on how to sign up.


Q.  How do I add a credit card or ACH to my Dolphins Account for Auto Pay?

A.  To add your credit card/ACH to your account, Click Here for instructions. 

  • Make sure to click the Radio Button for "Use for Fees Associated With Your Account" so that the button is filled in...these are any fees associated with your team that could include but are not limited to dues, meet fees, recurring and nonrecurring charges. 
  • Also, click the Radio Button for "Use for On Demand Payments" so that the button is filled in ...this allows "one off charges that are made throughout the month by you or team administration"


Q.  I received a notification that my payment failed due to my Credit Card expired.  What do I do?

A.  Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your Dolphins account 
  2. Click on "My Account" located on the right side of screen.
  3. Click “Setup Auto Pay”
  4. Click green box labeled “Update/Replace”
  5. Fill in form and then click Next
  6. The system does NOT make the payment that was missed.  You now need to make an “On Demand” payment. 
  7. Click “$My Invoice/Payment” located on the right hand of the webpage
  8. Now Click the gray tab near the top of the screen labeled “Make Payment”
  9. Enter the amount you would like to pay and if you have a credit card set up for “On Demand” payments, click yellow box labeled “Use this card”