** Please read ALL of the following Information regarding Registration and Billing before starting the Registration process **



1. All New Swimmers must try out with a Dolphin Coach to determine which Training Group is the best fit for them.  This training group designation is required for Registration.

New Swimmer Try Outs for 2022 Summer Swim

Will be Held on Monday, June 27th

at Vassar College Pool starting at 7:30pm

Sign Up through this Google Form:

For Questions and Information, please email Adrienne Tirch at [email protected] 

For the try out, Swimmers Must be able to complete a 50-yard swim without stopping and swim competently in Freestyle and Backstroke, and for 11 and older, Breaststroke. Have your swimmer/s bring goggles and a towel. Other suggested items: Clothes to go over wet suit as locker rooms are not available at this time for changing, crocs/flip flops for pool deck/locker rooms, swim caps and/or if long hair, have hair tied back.

The team does not offer traditional swim lesson.  If you are interested in swim lessons, the Town of Union Vale is offering lessons this summer.  Click here for their Flyer.

2.  After the Try Out, the swimmer's family will be emailed with the Training Group that the new swimmer is to register with. 

3. AFTER the swimmer receives their designated Training Group, THEN the swimmer can register with the Hudson Valley Dolphins. 



For Winter Season Only:

  • Returning Swimmers should have received an email with which 2021-2022 Training Group each swimmer should register for.  If you did not receive the email, please contact Adrienne Tirch at [email protected].
  • If you have a question about your swimmer's designated training group, please contact Head Coach Billy MacElveen at [email protected].  
  • Returning Swimmers who register late will be required to pay the Full Season Training Group Fees. They will NOT have their training group fees prorated.



Which Season to select?

Winter Season starts in September and ends in early/mid-March depending on which championships meets your swimmer qualifies for.

Full Year: for 2021-22 Swim Season, swimmers who were registered for the 2021-22 Winter Season and wish to continue into the Spring Season should select Full Year to avoid paying the Registration fee again and to receive the Full Year Discount

Spring Season: for NEW SWIMMERS only for the 2022 Spring season which starts April 18th and continues until June 30th.

Summer Season: All Swimmers, returning and new, must register to swim the 2022 Summer Season which starts Tuesday, July 5th and continues until Friday, August 12th

How do I pay for Registration and Training Group Fees for Summer Season?

For ALL registrations Fees, a Credit Card is needed. 

  • New Swimmers: nonrefundable $55 registration fee for each swimmer which includes 2022 USA Swimming Flex membership and swim cap.
  • Alumni swimmers:  nonrefundable $78 per swimmer for 2022 USA Swimming Premium memership plus must complete Athlete Protection Training (APT). 
  • Returning swimmers, there is no fee at registration.  However, if there is a balance in your account, you will be required to pay it to complete registration. 

Your Training Group fees will be billed per the following schedule:

  • WINTER Season Training Group Fees will be billed over 2 months with 50% of the total Training Group Fee billed each month.  Your account will be bill on October 1st and November 1st.
  • FULL YEAR Training Group Fees will be billed and due on May 1st for the 2022 Spring Season
  • SPRING Season Training Group Fees will be billed and due on May 1st.
  • SUMMER Season Training Group Fees will be required to be paid at Registration and includes Summer T-Shirt designed by your team captains.

All payments are due no later than the 5th of the month.  A late fee of $15 will be assessed for any invoices not paid by the 15th of the month. For Winter Season, all Training Group Fees must be paid in full in by December.  If you need to make other arrangements due to extenuating circumstances, please contact the Dolphins Treasurer, Mike Skerritt at [email protected]

What happens after registration?

New Swimmers:  You will receive an email once your registration is approved.  A Dolphins account will be created for you.  You will receive an email with your login information.  In this account you will be able enter swim meets, view swim meet results, view and pay invoices, and more.   When you login for the first time, please verify your email address and your cell phone number to ensure you will receive team communications.  Communications will include weekly practice schedules, notification of upcoming swim meets, and any last minute changes to practice or meets.

Returning Swimmers:  Please review your account and update accordingly...especially T-Shirt size.

All Swimmers:

You will receive an email once your registration is approved and the swimmer can attend practices.  Click here for Practice Schedule.  Check weekly emails for any changes to the practices times.

Also in your account, you can set up automatic payments for future charges with either your credit card OR ACH direct withdrawal from a bank account.  Please ensure that this account information is kept up to date at all times. 


Discounts Available:

Dolphins offer 3 types of Discounts which are applied to your account based on your selections during registration (for Winter, Spring and Full Year Seasons only):

  1. For Families with multiple youth swim team swimmers (discount given at registration)
    • Register all swimmers in your family during the same registration session
    • 2 Swimmers:  $50 discount off the Training Group Fees
    • 3 Swimmers:  $100 discount off the Training Group Fees
    • 4 Swimmers:  $150 discount off the Training Group Fees
  2. For registered Dolphins members that swim with their High School Swim team, there is a $100 discount off their Training Group Fees for Full Year and Winter Season registrations ONLY. 
    • Swimmer must be registered with the Dolphins during the High School Swim Team season. 
    • Discount given on October 1st invoice.  
    • For RETURNING Dolphins Swimmers, training group fees will NOT be prorated for joining after the High School season. Returning Dolphins Swimmers who participate in High School Swimming are expected to pay the FULL season (September - March) fees (minus the $100 HS discount) regardless of the date when registering.  Registered Swimmers are welcome to attend any Dolphin practices and meets during the High School season.
  3. For Team Officials
    • USA Swimming certified:  $250 off the Training Group Fees
    • USA Swimming “in-training”: $125 off the Training Group Fees
    • Discount given on October 1st invoice



To Register, click  "Start Online Registration Here"

All registrations will be approved by a team administrator.  If you registered for the incorrect training group, your registration will be corrected during the approval processes (along with associated training group fees).


Any Questions regarding Registration can be addressed to Adrienne Tirch at [email protected].