The Trident Swim Foundation seeks to build superior community-based athletic and academic programs where student athletes can achieve their personal goals. We emphasize individual and team growth, a thorough knowledge of swimming, the spirit of sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle, and academic excellence.  All activities are offered fee-free.

The Swimmer Scholar Program

The Trident Swim Foundation’s swimming and tutoring curriculum, the Swimmer Scholar Program,  is designed as a foundation for student success, both before and after graduation.  The Program is based on three core principles:                        

  • Discipline - Through mandatory attendance at both structured swim practices and afterschool study sessions, participants will learn the rewards and necessity of hard work in and out of the pool.
  • Self-confidence - Through competition and academic improvement, participants will better understand their abilities and their strengths.
  • Teamwork - Swimming is both an individual and a team-based sport and participants will learn how to support the goals of the team by swimming in meets, both on relays, and in their individual events.

By emphasizing academics as well as training, the program teaches the Swimmer Scholars how to apply these same core principles to their lives in the classroom and beyond.  Click here for more details.

Trident Swim Foundation currently has a full Swimmer Scholar Program at the George Washington Educational Campus in the Washington Heights neighborhood in northern Manhattan, and  with the Prospect Heights Educational Campus in Brooklyn.