Holtsville Biathlon

Peter Smit

During the last Holtsville long course practice of 2021, the Junior team and several Senior team swimmers competed in the second TVSC Biathlon of the summer.

53 TVSC athletes-in-training competed in the 1,000 meter swim (20 lengths of the pool) and the 1 1/2 mile run around the Holtsville Park trail.

Many did better than the July 29 Biathlon, but some added time, proving that taking 4 weeks off from practice in August is affecting the conditioning.  So, Luka's and Bella's records will stand for another year!


While in 2020 we trained outdoors in the Holtsville pool until Thanksgivings, today, September 11, was the last Holtsville practice of 2021. Ryan and Landon taking their time jumping in the pool for the warm-up.