Sachem Fall Face-Off - Nassau Aquatic Center - October 17

Peter Smit

52 athletes-in-training raced 172 times and swam only 81 best times due to many swimming the same events as one week earlier at the Ann Wycoff meet.

Total time improvement 219 seconds, or more than 3 minutes.

New time standards: 2 'AA' times, 6 'A' times, 5 'BB' times, and 7 'B' times.

New qualification times: 1 JO cut, 1 Holiday Classic cut, 4 Holiday Classic Bonus cuts, and 5 Silver cuts.


More Highlights


All Best Times:

Emily Casey, Aiden Fratticci-Rodriguez, Mila Petrovic, Nora Riley, Israel Gedeon Jr, Ryan Kittilsen, Alexa Surdi, Julianna Tribble, Evelyn Jin, and Chelsie Zhao.


New 'AA' standards:

Holden Stencel (2).


New JO Cut:

Genevieve Rochlin.


New Holiday Classic Cup Cut:

Genevieve Rochlin.


New Holiday Classic Cup Bonus Cuts:

Alexa Surdi, Holden Stencel, Landon Emmerich, and Dasha Zakharova.


Mostly Best Times:

Ayush Mojumdar, Pranav Mukhi, Christian Paterno, Holden Stencel, Lewis Wu, Marcus Sumpter, Landon Emmerich, and Cayden Veit.


New 'A' standards:

Alexa Surdi (3), Chelsie Zhao, Bora Karaosmanoglu, and Genevieve Rochlin.


New Silver Cuts:

Evelyn Jin, Chelsie Zhao, Holden Stencel, Bora Karaosmanoglu, and Morgan Primak.


New 'BB' standards:

Emily Casey, Evelyn Jin, Cayden Veit, Kennedy Green, and Joe Monahan.


New 'B' standards:

Aiden Fratticci-Rodriguez (2), Evelyn Jin, Lewis Wu, Myla Kelly, Luke Laidlaw, and Tess Micena.