LIAC Thanksgiving Invite - Nassau Aquatic Center - November 19-21

Peter Smit

69 TVSC swimmers competed at the last meet before the Holiday Classic December meets in Pennsylvania and Hauppauge and they achieved 138 best times. Total time improvement 575 seconds, or more than 9 minutes.  New time standards: 1 'AAAA' time, 2 'AAA' times, 10 'AA' times, 13 'A' times, 15 'BB' times, and 23 'B' times.  New qualification times: 1 NCSA cut, 3 Eastern Zone Age Group Champs cuts, 10 JO cuts, 13 Holiday Classic cuts, 13 Holiday Classic Bonus cuts, and 11 Silver cuts.


More Highlights


New 'AAAA' standard:

Trevor Green (400 IM).


All Best Times:

Kallie Micena, Scarlett Wigington, Aiden Fratticci-Rodriguez, James Wigington, Ava Emmerich, Nicolas Fidos, Cali Gabrielson, Matt Miele, Thomas Miele, Christian Paterno, Brayden Savas, Timmy Brady, Lauren Brockman, Harry Gao, Kennedy Green, Trevor Green, Lewis Wu, Sarah Xu, Chelsie Zhao, Sergei Boudreau, Evelyn Jin, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Lauren Woody, and Elizabeth Wright.


New 'AAA' standards:

Trevor Green, and Giuliana Vavalle.


New Eastern Zone Age Group Champs Cuts:

Trevor Green, Sergei Boudreau, and Ethan Placencia-Nazareno.


New 'AA' standards:

Ava Emmerich, Brayden Savas (2), Timmy Brady, Sergei Boudreau, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Elizabeth Wr, Brendan Miller (2), and Antonio Vavalle.


New JO Cuts:

Brayden Savas (2), Timmy Brady, Brendan Miller (2), Johnny Casalinuovo, Vinny Vinciguerra, Giuliana Vavalle, Genevieve Rochlin, and Joe Monahan.


New Holiday Classic Cup Cuts:

Ava Emmerich (2), Brayden Savas, Timmy Brady, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Brendan Miller, Johnny Casalinuovo, Antonio Vavalle, Giuliana Vavalle (3), Genevieve Rochlin, and Julianna Fratticci Cseri.


New Holiday Classic Cup Bonus Cuts:

Scarlett Wigington, Ava Emmerich, Matt Miele (2), Thomas Miele, Brayden Savas, Timmy Brady, Meghan Brady, Holden Stencel (2), Morgan Primak, Alexa Surdi, and Joe Monahan.


Mostly Best Times:

Tess Micena, Brendan Miller, Ayush Mojumdar, Emily Casey, Abby Degeronimo, Meghan Brady, Johnny Casalinuovo, Israel Gedeon Jr, Abi Higgins, Julianna Tribble, Antonio Vavalle, Vinny Vinciguerra, and Giuliana Vavalle.


New 'A' standards:

Scarlett Wigington, Ava Emmerich, Matt Miele, Thomas Miele, Chelsie Zhao, Brendan Miller (2), Meghan Brady, Johnny Casalinuovo, Abi Higgins, Genevieve Rochlin, Landon Emmerich, and Joe Monahan.


New Silver Cuts:

Kallie Micena, Scarlett Wigington, Cali Gabrielson, Lewis Wu, Brendan Miller, Ayush Mojumdar (3), Johnny Casalinuovo, Julianna Tribble, and Kate Gironda.


New 'BB' standards:

Kallie Micena, Scarlett Wigington (2), Cali Gabrielson, Lauren Brockman, Sarah Xu, Chelsie Zhao, Brendan Miller, Ayush Mojumdar (2), Johnny Casalinuovo, Julianna Tribble, Kate Gironda (2), and Joe Monahan.


New 'B' standards:

Aiden Fratticci-Rodriguez (3), James Wigington, Nicolas Fidos, Thomas Miele, Lauren Brockman, Lewis Wu, Sarah Xu, Evelyn Jin, Tess Micena (3), Emily Casey, Abby Degeronimo, Kate Gironda, Holden Stencel (2), Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, Maja Fischbach, Pranav Mukhi, Brianna Contreras, and Ryan Kittilsen.