Keystone Aquatics / Lancaster Aquatic Club Holiday Classic - December 9-12 - Carlisle, PA

Peter Smit


42 TVSC athletes, their parents and coaches Mark, Emily, Peter and Mike traveled to the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania for the Annual Arena Cup Holiday Classic.  Due to the pandemic the annual Holiday Classic meet at Rutgers University Aquatic Center was canceled, so several large teams that normally go to that meet, came to the Pennsylvania Holiday Classic making it a bit more difficult for our swimmers to make finals this year. Still half the team (21) made finals!

In the last Holiday Classic of their age group career Kate Sommerstad raced 6,200 yards and Liam 6,000 yards and are now members of the 5,000-Plus Yards Club! In table below a list of the Iron Men and Iron Women of TVSC, who all competed 17 to 20 times in the toughest events at this meet.  Liam was the most versatile by winning the 1,650 on Thursday night and finishing 3rd in the 50 free and making the Top-8 in 8 out of 9 events and swimming 14 best times in 16 individual races! 


Our swimmers raced 324 times and swam 184 best times. 

96 new All-Time Top-25 times!  Check if you made the All-Time Top-25.

Total time improvement 473 seconds, or more than 7 minutes.

New time standards: 8 'AAAA' times, 13 'AAA' times, 27 'AA' times, and 11 'A' times.

New qualification times: 8 NCSA cuts, 13 Sectional cuts, 16 Senior Mets cuts, 14 Eastern Zone Age Group Champs cuts, and 11 JO cuts.


Top-Times SC 2021-2022  


After hosting the anual Holiday Classic at the Franklin & Marshall College Aquatic Center for over 20 years, the meet was moved to a new venue "in the middle of nowhere" surrounded by farmland.  The Keystone Aquatics 50 meter by 25 yard competition pool with 23 25 yard lanes was better/nicer than F&M - 8 feet deep everywhere!  Also the pool deck is larger than at F&M, but the spectator seating was not as good and the locker room size and number of bathrooms were barely adequate for 800+ swimmers, coaches, officials and parents in the facility.  However, what the veteran swim families (and coaches) missed the most was staying at the Eden Resort Hotel in Lancaster.  


More Highlights


High Point Winner:

Emily Herr 13-14 girls with 156 points.


Runner-Up High Point:

Liam Preston 15 & over boys with 121 points.


New Team Records:

Emily Herr broke her own 13-14 200 free, 100 and 200 fly team records: 1:51.93  -0.4 sec, 1:05.83  -0.10 sec and 2:04.43  -3.69 sec!  She also broke Sydney Boal's 2018 50 free record: 24.45  -0.23 sec!  Congrats!


New NCSA Jr. National Cuts:

Kate Sommerstad, Olivia Schlegel, Liam Preston (2), Noah Giunta (2), and Hunter Emerson.

New Sectional Cuts:

Timmy Brady (2), Hannah Brockman (2), Hunter Emerson (2), Noah Giunta (2), Trevor Green, Emily Herr (2), Liam Preston, and Vinny Vinciguerra.


New 'AAAA' standards:

Liam Preston (2), Brendan Miller (2), Trevor Green (2), Bella Dimaculangan, and Emily Herr.


New Sr Mets Cuts:

Antonio Vavalle (2), Vinny Vinciguerra (4), Makayla Lee (2), Timmy Brady (2), Hunter Emerson (2), Trevor Green (2), Emily Herr, and Frankie Andersen.


All Best Times:

Brayden Savas, Colin Veit, Antonio Vavalle, and Kate Gironda.


New 'AAA' standards:

Vinny Vinciguerra, Liam Preston (2), Brendan Miller, Julianna Fratticci Cseri, Timmy Brady (2),Hunter Emerson (2), Ethan Placencia-Nazareno (2), Emily Herr, and Ava Emmerich.


New Eastern Zone Age Group Champs Cuts:

Brayden Savas (4), Brendan Miller (2), Johnny Casalinuovo, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno (2), Trevor Green (3), Ava Emmerich, and Giuliana Vavalle.


New 'AA' standards:

Brayden Savas (5), Colin Veit (4), Vinny Vinciguerra (2), Makayla Lee (2), Elizabeth Wright (2), Hunter Emerson, Lauren Woody (2), Johnny Casalinuovo, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Hannah Brockman, Jacob Tanner (2), Noah Giunta, Marissa DeMarco, Brooke Davies, and Genevieve Rochlin.


New JO Cuts:

Brayden Savas, Colin Veit (2), Makayla Lee, Lauren Woody (2), Hannah Brockman, Joe Monahan, Meghan Brady (2), and Brooke Davies.


Mostly Best Times:

Vinny Vinciguerra, Liam Preston, Brendan Miller, Julianna Fratticci Cseri, Landon Emmerich, Makayla Lee, Ryan Sommerstad, Timmy Brady, Elizabeth Wright, Hunter Emerson, Lauren Woody, Johnny Casalinuovo, and Ethan Placencia-Nazareno.


New 'A' standards:

Colin Veit, Julianna Fratticci Cseri (2), Landon Emmerich, Ryan Sommerstad, Johnny Casalinuovo (2), Joe Monahan (2), Isabel Xu, and Genevieve Rochlin.