Eagle Invite at Hauppauge HS - December 10-12

Peter Smit

56 athletes raced 356 times and swam 205 best times -- 58%.

Total time improvement 608 seconds, or more than 10 minutes.

New time standards: 1 'AAA' time, 6 'AA' times, 10 'A' times, 31 'BB' times, and 18 'B' times,

New qualification times: 3 JO cuts, and 29 Silver cuts.


More Highlights


All Best Times:

Emily Casey, Lewis Wu, Lauren Brockman, Alexander Fidos, Sadie Wiedersum, Caroline Qian, and Brianna Contreras.


New 'AAA' standard:

Holden Stencel.


New 'AA' standards:

Lewis Wu, Julianna Tribble, Alex Cole (2), Esteban Quintero, and Claudia Retzlaff.


New JO Cuts:

Sadie Wiedersum, Holden Stencel, and Claudia Retzlaff.


Barrier Breakers:

Breaking the one minute barrier in 100 free: Alex Cole, Avery VanTassel, Abi Higgins and Jame Wigington.  Breaking the 2 minute barrier in 200 free: Thomas Miele.


Mostly Best Times:

Chelsie Zhao, Maksim Klaric, James Wigington, Scarlett Wigington, Luke Laidlaw, Myla Kelly, Julianna Tribble, Kevin Duong, Jacob Field, Branka Petrovic, Kallie Micena, Alex Cole, Nicolas Fidos, Anna Albert, Cali Gabrielson, Israel Gedeon Jr, Lea Gucciardo, Evelyn Jin, Thomas Miele, Marcus Sumpter, Abby Degeronimo, Abi Higgins, Esteban Quintero, Bora Karaosmanoglu, Chloe Cantrell, Cassie Dansereau, and Alexa Surdi.


New 'A' standards:

Chelsie Zhao (2), Maksim Klaric, Jacob Field, Alex Cole, Thomas Miele, Bora Karaosmanoglu, Alexa S, Avery Van tassel, and Ryan Kittilsen.


New Silver Cuts:

Emily Casey (4), Lewis Wu (2), Sadie Wiedersum (4), Chelsie Zhao (2), James Wigington, Scarlett Wigington (3), Luke Laidlaw (2), Kevin Duong, Jacob Field, Branka Petrovic, Nicolas Fidos, Thomas Miele, Marcus Sumpter, Abi Higgins, Mila Petrovic, Ayush Mojumdar, Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, and Bryce Gergely.


New 'BB' standards:

Emily Casey (2), Lewis Wu, Lauren Brockman (4), Sadie Wiedersum (4), Caroline Qian, Chelsie Zhao (2), Scarlett Wigington (2), Luke Laidlaw, Myla Kelly (3), Kevin Duong, Branka Petrovic (2), Alex Cole, Matt Miele, Ayush Mojumdar, Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, Holden Stencel (2), Deaglan Farrell, and Zander Klaric.


New 'B' standards:

Emily Casey, Lewis Wu (2), Lauren Brockman (2), James Wigington (2), Luke Laidlaw (2), Kevin Duong, Jacob Field (2), Anna Albert, Evelyn Jin, Marcus Sumpter, Esteban Quintero, Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, and Connor Dansereau.