20th Annual TVSC Mile

Peter Smit



For the 20th year nobody "died" during the annual TVSC Mile. And if it did not "hurt" during or after the race, you did not swim fast enough . . . . .


9 Novice swimmers swam the 200 free for the first time and 6 Novice and one Junior 1 swam the 500 for the first time.

29 swam the 1,000 free and 15 swimmers swam the 1,650 for the first time.

Like every year, the Juniors who missed the mile today, will swim it at their next Junior practice! 

Chelsie Zhao took the most time off in the mile: 263 seconds or over 4 1/2 minutes!

Chelsie Zhao, Caroline Qian, Morgan Primak and Joe Monahan swam best times in the 500, 1,000 and 1,650 free.

There may have been a few others, but Julianna Tribble had the best race of the meet: negative split (second half faster than the first half), two dolphin kick after each turn, no "BOWs" and 37 seconds faster then last year! Great job!

71 athletes raced 71 times and swam 112 best times -- 75%.

Total time improvement 4,143 seconds, or more than 69 minutes!
New time standards: 1 'AAA' time, 14 'AA' times, 15 'A' times, 35 'BB' times, and 15 'B' times.
New qualification times: 1 Eastern Zone Age Group Champs cut, 1 JO cut, and 2 Silver cuts.
This year many swimmers started too fast and were not able to maintain it second part of the race.
More Highlights
New All-Time Top-25 perfromances
Timmy Brady, Ava Emmerich (2), Lizzie Wright, Hanna Matheson, Landon Emmerich (2), Sergei Boudreau, Claudia Retzlaff (2), and Brayden Savas.
All Best Times
Kevin Duong, Nicolas Fidos, Joe Monahan, Christian Paterno, Morgan Primak, Caroline Qian, Paulina Tsybysheva, James Wigington, Scarlett Wigington, Chelsie Zhao, Timmy Brady, Bryce Boudreau, Sergei Boudreau, Lauren Brockman, Chloe Cantrell, Emily Casey, Cassie Dansereau, Alexander Fidos, Julianna Fratticci Cseri, Aleksey Kayran, Sean Kozak, Violet Lisica, Daniel Merenkov, Ana Merenkova, Tess Micena, Robert Modica, Branka Petrovic, Nora Riley, Benjamin Rochlin, Bradley Russo, Marcus Sumpter, Lawrence Sun, Kaylee Vargas, Colin Veit, and Sadie Wiedersum.
New 'AAA' standard
Timmy Brady.
New Eastern Zone Age Group Champs Cut
Sergei Boudreau.
New 'AA' standards
Timmy Brady, Colin Veit, Meghan Brady, Ava Emmerich (2), Landon Emmerich (2), Brendan Miller (2), Claudia Retzlaff, Brayden Savas, Alexa Surdi, Hanna Matheson, and Elizabeth Wright.
New JO Cut
Timmy Brady.
Mostly Best Times
Bryce Baranowski, Meghan Brady, Katelyn Cordova, Ava Emmerich, Landon Emmerich, Deaglan Farrell, Cali Gabrielson, Israel Gedeon Jr, Kate Gironda, Kennedy Green, Abi Higgins, Cole Kazlauskas, Maksim Klaric, Madelyn Martino, Kallie Micena, Brendan Miller, Ayush Mojumdar, Rayna Mossey, Mila Petrovic, Claudia Retzlaff, Genevieve Rochlin, Brayden Savas, Holden Stencel, Alexa Surdi, Julianna Tribble, Jackie Vinciguerra, and Dasha Zakharova.
New 'A' standards
Kevin Duong, Joe Monahan (2), Meghan Brady, Deaglan Farrell (2), Cali Gabrielson (2), Maksim Klaric, Genevieve Rochlin, Brayden Savas, Alexa Surdi, Julianna Tribble, Jackie Vinciguerra (2).
New Silver Cuts
Morgan Primak, and Colin Veit.
New 'BB' standards
Kevin Duong, Morgan Primak (2), Caroline Qian, Paulina Tsybysheva, Scarlett Wigington (3), Chelsie Zhao (3), Lauren Brockman, Emily Casey, Julianna Fratticci Cseri, Branka Petrovic, Bryce Baranowski (2), Kate Gironda (2), Kennedy Green, Abi Higgins (2), Maksim Klaric, Kallie Micena (2), Ayush Mojumdar (2), Rayna Mossey (2), Mila Petrovic, Genevieve Rochlin, Holden Stencel (2), Julianna Tribble, and Dasha Zakha.
New 'B' standards
Nicolas Fidos (2), Caroline Qian, Paulina Tsybysheva, James Wigington, Bryce Boudreau, Alexander Fidos, Marcus Sumpter, Kaylee Vargas, Sadie Wiedersum, Katelyn Cordova (2), Kennedy Green, Madelyn Martino (2).