Sachem Fall Face-Off - Nassau Aquatic Center - October 16

Peter Smit

Meet Stats

37 athletes raced 133 times and swam 60 best times -- 45%. Total time improvement 264 seconds, or more than 4 minutes.

New time standards: 2 'AA' times, 2 'A' times, 15 'BB' times, and 10 'B' times.

New qualification times: 1 Eastern Zone Age Group Champs cut, 3 JO cuts, 5 Holiday Classic cuts, 6 Holiday Classic Bonus cuts, and 12 Silver cuts.


More Highlights

All Best Times:

Luke Laidlaw, Nicolas Fidos, and Colin Stueber.


New Eastern Zone Age Group Champs Cut:

Brendan Miller.


New 'AA' standards:

Colin Stueber, and Alex Fidos.


New JO Cuts:

Colin Stueber (2), and Alex Fidos.


New Holiday Classic Cup Cuts:

Luke Laidlaw, Colin Stueber, Alexa Surdi, Bryce Boudreau (2).


New Holiday Classic Cup Bonus Cuts:

Colin Stueber (2), Rayna Mossey, Alexa Surdi, Elizabeth Wright, and Dasha Zakharova.


Mostly Best Times:

Lauren Brockman, Alex Fidos, Rayna Mossey, Pranav Mukhi, Bradley Russo, Myla Kelly, Nate Kimmy, Ethan Mungal, Vincent Nguyen, Emirhan Ozsoy, Alexa Surdi, and Elizabeth Wright.


New 'A' standards:

Alex Fidos, and Brendan Miller.


New Silver Cuts:

Luke Laidlaw (3), Rayna Mossey (2), Bradley Russo (2), Vincent Nguyen, Bryce Boudreau (2), Dasha Zakharova, and Holden Stencel.


New 'BB' standards: Luke Laidlaw (3), Rayna Mossey (2), Bradley Russo, Myla Kelly, Bryce Boudreau (2), Evelyn Jin, Tess Micena (2), Dasha Zakharova, Holden Stencel, and Ula Weng. New 'B' standards: Lauren Brockman (3), Pranav Mukhi, Bradley Russo, Nate Kimmy, Emirhan Ozsoy, Chloe Cantrell, Evelyn Jin, and Christian Paterno.