Chappy's Big Race - Nassau Aquatic Center - October 23-24

Peter Smit

Special Performances

1) Nate Kimmy (13), a second year competitive swimmer, who started last season on the Jr Development team, swam his first 200 fly in 2:54.  And he did this with a concussion caused in car accident in his family's car on the LIE, driving to the meet on Sunday morning.  Nate get better soon.

2) Max Buchen (17) stopped swimming for TVSC in 2020 at the start of the pandemic.  He returned to TVSC in September, 2 1/2 years later and after training for 6 weeks with the senior team, he broke the one minute barrier in 100 breast: 59.3 (new NCSA, SECT, and SM cut).


Meet Stats

69 athletes raced 314 times and swam 158 best times -- 50%. Total time improvement 725 seconds, or more than 12 minutes.

New time standards: 5 'AAA' times, 9 'AA' times, 16 'A' times, 28 'BB' times, and 11 'B' times.

New qualification times: 2 NCSA cuts, 2 Sectional cuts, 2 Senior Mets cuts, 1 Eastern Zone Age Group Champs cut, 18 Holiday Classic cuts, 23 Holiday Classic Bonus cuts, and 20 Silver cuts.


More Highlights


New NCSA Cuts:

Max Buchen (100 breast), Timmy Brady (200 breast).


New Sectional Cuts:

Trevor Green (100 back), Ethan Placencia-Nazareno (200 free), and Max Buchen (100 breast).


New Sr Mets Cuts:

Max Buchen (100 breast), Timmy Brady (1000 free) and Brayden Savas (200 back).


All Best Times:

Branka Petrovic, Paulina Tsybysheva, Ula Weng, Joey Casalinuovo, Bora Karaosmanoglu, Max Buchen, Alex Fidos, Gordon Khamraev, Nate Kimmy, Lewis Wu, Arianna Yang, Timmy Brady, Myla Kelly, Morgan Primak, and Jacob Field.


New 'AAA' standards:

Max Buchen, Timmy Brady, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Brayden Savas (2).


New Eastern Zone Age Group Champs Cut:

Kate Gironda.


Barrier Breakers:

Kevin Duong (100 free in 58.9), and Max Buchen (100 breast 59.3).


New 'AA' standards:

Max Buchen, Landon Emmerich, Kate Gironda, Chelsie Zhao (2), Julianna Tribble, Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, Sergei Boudreau, and Giuliana Vavalle.


New Holiday Classic Cup Cuts:

Max Buchen (3), Alex Fidos, Bryce Boudreau (2), Kate Gironda, Morgan Lee (2), Luke Laidlaw (2), Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, Colin Stueber (2), Thomas Miele, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Brayden Savas (2).


New Holiday Classic Cup Bonus Cuts:

Bora Karaosmanoglu (2), Bryce Boudreau (2), Kate Gironda (3), Chelsie Zhao, Morgan Lee, Julianna Tribble (2), Tess Micena, Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, Colin Stueber, Mila Petrovic, Brayden Savas, Marissa DeMarco, Richie Hall III, Jackie Vinciguerra, Oliver Griffin (2), Alex Cole, and Frankie Andersen.


Mostly Best Times:

Bryce Boudreau, Kevin Duong, Landon Emmerich, Ayush Mojumdar, Pranav Mukhi, Kate Gironda, Chelsie Zhao, Morgan Lee, Luke Laidlaw, Kallie Micena, Christian Paterno, Julianna Tribble, Charles Antonetti, Rayna Mossey, and Ryan Sommerstad.


New 'A' standards:

Bora Karaosmanoglu, Max Buchen, Alex Fidos (2), Morgan Primak, Kate Gironda (3), Chelsie Zhao, Luke Laidlaw, Kallie Micena, Abi Higgins, Alyssa Casalinuovo, Marissa DeMarco, Johnny Casalinuovo, and Jackie Vinciguerra.


New Silver Cuts:

Branka Petrovic, Ula Weng (2), Joey Casalinuovo (2), Morgan Primak, Bryce Boudreau (4), Kevin Duong, Pranav Mukhi, Kate Gironda, Chelsie Zhao, Luke Laidlaw (2), Kallie Micena, Julianna Tribble, and Charles Antonetti (2).


New 'BB' standards: Branka Petrovic (2), Ula Weng (3), Joey Casalinuovo (2), Lewis Wu, Arianna Yang, Morgan Primak, Bryce Boudreau (3), Kevin Duong (2), Landon Emmerich, Ayush Mojumdar, Luke Laidlaw (2), Kallie Micena (2), Christian Paterno, Julianna Tribble, Charles Antonetti, Tess Micena, Liam O'Sullivan-Ulrich, Anna Albert, and Emirhan Ozsoy.


New 'B' standards:

Paulina Tsybysheva (2), Ula Weng, Joey Casalinuovo, Lewis Wu, Myla Kelly, Bryce Boudreau, Pranav Mukhi, Christian Paterno, Charles Antonetti, and Elizabeth Wright.