Annapolis Swim Club's latest bylaws are viewable here: Bylaws (as of 4/2021) PDF


Code of Conduct

All ASC families and swimmers are required to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

ASC Code of Conduct

All swimmers and parents are required to read/acknowledge the Annapolis Swim Club (ASC) Code of Conduct and Rules. ASC is a privately owned organization. Swimmers, parents and coaches of ASC shall at all times support the values of Respect, Discipline, Loyalty, Commitment and Hard Work. Friendly competition is encouraged, but disrespect for opponents, coaches, officials, meet staff or other swimmers is un-sportsmanlike and lessens the value of healthy rivalries. Swimmers and parents shall behave properly in the pool areas and in the locker room at all times during practice and at any swim meet or swim team function. All swimmers shall be treated equally irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, and disability, religious or political beliefs.
Practice: Practice groups will be determined by the coaching staff. This includes lane assignments and order of swimmers in each lane.
Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice or while attending a Maryland Swimming, Inc (MD Swim) or USA Swim meet.
Swim Meets: All meet entry requests will be made through the team web portal (Team Unify), unless otherwise directly by the Head Coach. Parents and swimmers are responsible for declaring meets sessions prior to the sign up deadline.The coaching staff will determine the final meet entries for all swimmers.
Warm-ups are mandatory for all swimmers. Swimmers shall arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups for all meets.
Once entries are approved, you are responsible for the meet entry fees and your TU account will be charged.
Parents are not permitted on deck during a meet unless he/she is volunteering at such meet (regardless of the meet location/facilities).
All families are required to comply with our Volunteer Policy as stated in our Membership Agreement.
Please attempt to notify the respective coaches as soon as you are aware that your swimmer will not be able to participate in a meet they have signed up to attend. Failure to do so may result in the swimmer not being able to participate in events later in the meet.


  • All swimmers will adhere to the pool and team rules.
  • All swimmers will listen while the coaches are instructing.
  • All swimmers will demonstrate good sportsmanship. 
  • All swimmers will respect their teammates and coaches inside and outside of all team events.                                                                                                             
  • All swimmers and families must follow all MAAPP and SafeSport requirements.

Know your role:

  • Coaches: Coach
  • Swimmers: Swim
  • Officials: Officiate
  • Parents/Guardian: Parent

Criticizing, name calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials and/or any participating swimmers will not be permitted or tolerated. This applies to both parents and swimmers.
Vandalism or theft of property belonging to team members, coaches or meet venue will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the team.
All swimmers shall take care of the pool equipment. 
The use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs by any swimmer on the pool grounds/grounds of an away meet is prohibited.

I will inform the coaching staff of any disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others. ASC will follow and adhere to Maryland Swimming Inc., Inclusion Policy for Swimmers with a Disability (