2018-2019 Volunteer Information Presentation

General Volunteer Information

There will be four ASC-hosted meets during the 2018-19 Swim Season. These four meets require parental volunteers. The below list describes the requirements for each meet. We do NOT use the TU function of hours to track volunteer sessions, it is done manually from the sign up sheets and sign in/out logs.

  • Freestyle Meet (Oct):
  • Holiday Meet (Dec)
  • Senior Meet (Feb)
  • ASC Independence Meet (June)


ASC is the "HOST" team, ASC families are required to volunteer to run these meets.

The volunteer signup for ASC hosted meets will be posted on the ASC home page and will be available for parents to sign up 2-3 weeks prior to the start date of the meet. This information will also be covered at the parent meetings.                                       

  • PLEASE NOTE: There is a "SIGN UP DEADLINE" for all ASC hosted meets. Once the deadline passes, you will no longer be able to sign up to volunteer. NO EXCEPTIONS. (ASC families are not required to volunteer for meets that ASC does not host; i.e. CBAC Fall Warm Up)
  • There is a volunteer "SIGN IN AND SIGN OUT". So, when it comes time for you to "volunteer" for the session you signed up for, you will need to locate the volunteer table and ask to "sign in" for your session.  Upon completion of the session, you will need to "SIGN OUT".  I will go into more detail about this at the parent meetings.
  • No switching between sessions or MEETS: If you are signed up for a Saturday AM session, that is the session you are required to volunteer. If you show up at a different session other than the one you signed up for, you will not be allowed to sign in (Your name will not be listed on that session) and you will not be credited for volunteering. You will, however, be fined for not showing up for the session you signed up for. You cannot work more sessions at one meet to offset the requirement for another.
  • The volunteer signup is a 1st come, 1st served signup. The number of available volunteer positions during a single session are far less than the number of parents that want to volunteer for a particular session therefore; it is not a guarantee that you will be able to volunteer during the same session that your swimmers is swimming. If the session that you want to volunteer is full, then you will need to chose a DIFFERENT SESSION.

Volunteer Fines

  • 1st  infraction $75/session not worked,
  • 2nd infraction $150/session not worked (Fines are doubled per session)
  • 3rd infraction $225/session not worked. (Fines are tripled per session)
  • For example: if you are required to work the Freestyle meet and you do not, your account will be charged $75, if you do not have a swimmer in the Holiday meet and you do not work, this would be considered your 2nd infraction and your account will be charged $150.

If you have questions regarding the volunteer jobs, please do not hesitate to email me (crice@atlanticbb.net) or check the ASC website under the "Meets" tab. I will say this....DON'T WAIT TO SIGN UP.  The sign up fills up REALLY fast. Especially those cushy runner jobs. Remember, once the sign up deadline has passed, that's it. The sign up is CLOSED!! If you see a bold RED border at the top and bottom of the volunteer sign up that says "JOB SIGN UP HAS PASSED" , you're too late.

You can switch your sign up at any time "WHILE THE SIGN UP IS STILL OPEN". As long as you switch before the deadline, you'll be ok.

There will be a lot of folks that have questions, so I encourage you to try to attend the parent information night coming up.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

There are many different ways you can help. Below are the descriptions of each available position. 

Announcer Primary duty is to announce each event, as well as, make any necessary announcements. This requires training and shadowing with a trained  announcer until familiar with the meet process.
Awards Primary duty is to ensure that all ribbons are awarded to the appropriate competitors, based upon the official results presented by Meet Director – not available at all meets.
Concession Sell food items, as well as, operate cooking equipment.
Head Timer Primary duty is to provide manage timer lane assignment, timing equipment, as well as, act as back up time in the event a timer does not start his/her watch, malfunction, etc. Generally starts 2-3 stop watches for each event.
Marshall Keep the designated areas clear, work with AOSC staff to ensure safety protocols are met.
Runner Primary duty is to assist the deck officials with the proper flow of information.  Work with timing/scoring booth to retrieve results from the timers on deck. Post results in designate area.
Set Up / Clean Up There will be 2 different set up teams; one for concession and one for the pool deck. Set up times will be posted on the volunteer sign up. Please pay close attention as to which Set Up/Clean Up you signed up for. If you sign up for Set Up, you are also responsible for Clean Up.
Timer Primary duty is to ensure accurate timing and recording of each event finish – Manual and Automatic timing equipment is used.  Approximately 24 timers are needed /session/meet.
Timer (Backup) Act as relief timer.
Special Training Required
Colorado Timing Runs the Colorado timing computer. Training is required. Please contact Tim Merton for information about training. (merton5@verizon.net)
Hy-tek Runs the Hy-tek Meet Manager software to record the meet. Training is required. Please contact Tim Merton for training information. (merton5@verizon.net)
USA Swimming Certified Positions
Referee The Referee is the final arbiter of all issues arising during the meet.  The Referee oversees all officials both on and off the deck.
Starter Primary duty is to manage the conditions of each event start.  The Starter is also the second in the chain of responsibility, behind the Referee.  
Stroke and Turn Judge Primary duty is to ensure that each competitor performs the appropriate technique.  The Stroke and Turn Judge has the authority to disqualify a competitor if that swimmer is not using the correct technique, which would give them an unfair advantage over the other competitors.