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For pool locations, please see Pool Locations.


Within the United States, there are 59 Local Swim Committees (LSC). Each LSC is responsible for administering USA Swimming activities in a defined geographic area and has its own set of bylaws under which it operates. Our LSC is Maryland Swimming  There are 35 clubs within Maryland Swimming.

In order to be part of our LSC, a team has to apply for membership. Once approved, they are part of Maryland Swimming. Meets scheduled within Maryland Swimming must also be approved (sanctioned).  Once a meet is sanctioned, any USA swimmer may participate (swim) in such meet provided they meet all the entrance criteria.  At the conclusion of each meet, the hosting team submits the results to USA swimming for posting in the database.  Swim clubs can also choose to host meets that are "not sanctioned" and they are called "invitationals".  This means the host team invites teams to come and participate.  In order for a swimmer to swim in a USA Swim meet, they must be members. All ASC swimmers are USA registered swimmers.

On our swim schedule, there are many teams that are identified with abbreviations. Below are the team abbreviations/names of some of those teams.  A complete list of all MD Swimming clubs can be found on the Maryland Swimming web site. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with both Maryland Swimming and USA Swimming websites. Most of the Maryland Swimming Clubs have websites.  Prior to attending an away meet, you should check the website of both the host team and Maryland Swimming for any changes or updates to the meet.

CBAC/ Chesapeake Bay Aquatic Club
CAA/Columbia Aquatics Association
GBSA/Greater Baltimore Swim Association
GTAC/Green Terror Aquatics Club
NAAC/Naval Academy Aquatics Club
SPY/Severna Park YMCA

Team Fees

All ASC team members are required to pay a membership fee. This amount covers the USA Swimming membership, coaches salary and goes towards facility rental (meets, etc.). In addition, each facility assesses its own facility fee. The county fees are not controlled by ASC and ASC does not receive a portion of those funds. ASC is a private swim team and member of the Maryland Swimming LSC. All monies raised, earned are used to support the team. 

ASC team invoices are generated monthly.  They will include fees such as the group membership fee, fundraising fee, and meet entry fees.  They may also include late fees ($20) or charges for not fulfilling a volunteering obligation (see volunteer commitment info).  Invoices are expected to be paid in full each month.  ASC REQUIRES parents to use the credit card or checking account link options to pay each month so as to avoid possible late fees and to be sure your child is allowed to swim in future meets.

See our membership agreement (online version coming soon) for further information.


The email address for all coaches is listed under "Contact Us". Due to insurance liability, PARENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED on deck. Please email the coach to schedule time to discuss your questions or concerns.

Volunteer Requirements

Refer to Volunteer Requirements for details.