Membership Information

Thank You for your interest in the Great Lakes Tritons Swim Team.  The team began in the Spring of 2007. Four families gathered and put together their thoughts of what a local team would look like. It would be a famil oriented-team, a team full of spirit, with hard working and committed swimmers, and a staff of coaches that had the passion for the sport and the desire to share it.

With that in mind, and a lot of hard work and commitment, the Great Lakes Tritons became an official USA Swimming sanctioned team in September 2007.   As GLT continues to grow, we are proud to offer :

  • Professional coaching- coaches who care about your swimmer's goals!
  • Great swimmers -who make even greater teammates!!
  • A group of families who work hard to make GLT the best swim team around!

As a team, the focus is on the swimmers.  Our coaches work with each swimmer to meet their potential, not only getting FASTER, but becoming more CONFIDENT, STRONGER and well-rounded ATHLETES.  The Triton coaches work together to place each swimmer in their appropriate training group. This level ensures that the swimmer gets the most out of their training based on their skill level, commitment and swimming maturity.  

It is the belief of GLT that every swimmer is given the opportunity to learn the sport and compete based on their level of interest and ability while building team camaraderie, friendship, and fun. 

We feel it is important to focus on maintaining a team-oriented club. The Tritons focus on developing friendships and team spirit, along with striving to reach each individual swimmers full potential. We start with highly qualified coaches, who bring with them experience, personality and desire to not only teach these swimmers to grow in their sport but to love sport as well.  We add great swimmers and swim families ... we hope you will consider joining us!


The Great Lakes Tritons strive to offer a family friendly environment for our younger swimmers and those new to competitive swimming.  We also want to stress that, as your swimmer progresses in the sport of competitive swimming, the training becomes more intense and there is a commitment asked of the higher-level swimmers that is not asked of the younger ones.  As swimmers come to GLT, we want to emphasize the importance of being a well-rounded athlete and work on building up their potential and, most importantly, build up their love for the sport. 


This is a basic introduction to the Great Lakes Tritons.  Some of the things mentioned here are covered in more depth elsewhere on the website but this will give a feel for the Great Lakes Tritons.





GLT bases swimming dues on 2 main expenses: Pool Time and Coaches.


We have a good working relationship with the facilities that we are able to secure and do our best to have consistent practice times and locations.  We ask families to be flexible as we typically swim in high school pools where priority is given school swim team and to community education programs.  Our Head Coach, Dave Smith, has done a great job making sure that we have the needed pool time to best serve our swimmers.


We have an excellent coaching staff.  Each one of our coaches works hard to help swimmers reach their potential, learn good sportsmanship and develop as part of a strong team.


The success of GLT depends on contributions from our membership in ways both financial and time & talent!  We do ask that families participate in fundraising. We have different types of fundraisers and are open to suggestions.  We strongly encourage all swimmers to participate in our annual Swim-A-Thon with a goal of raising $150 per swimmer.  We also require all families to "work" three shifts at our GLT Tsunami Meet held in December.  Additional fundraising opportunities may include holiday pie sales, restaurant nights, and spring flower sales.


Please keep in mind that our team is a parent/volunteer run organization and assistance, suggestions and patience are always appreciated!!


Meet Schedule



At the beginning of each Season (Short Course and Long Course), our Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach put together our meet schedule.  This is not an easy task.  They look at the level of our swimmers and try to pick the meets according to our swimmers' abilities and give each swimmer the opportunity to put what they have been working so hard for into action. 


USA Swimming Membership



The Great Lakes Tritons is a USA Swimming affiliated team.  Meaning, that GLT is a member of a larger organization that promotes competitive swimming nationally.  


As a member of USA Swimming, our swimmers are allowed to practice with us and swim at USA sanctioned swim meets.  Also, as a full member of USA Swimming, each household will receive a copy of the SPLASH magazine, which comes out 4 times a year. (Note: Seasonal members do not receive SPLASH magazine.)


Annual Swim-A-Thon



This is an annual Swim-A-Thon that is mandatory for all swimmers. It is considered a Team Fundraiser and each swimmer is asked to raise at least $150.  We use the money from the Swim-A-thon to purchase championship shirts, etc. for our swimmers when they get to their championship meets at the end of February and beginning of March. (Championship Meets will be explained later.)  Our general operating budget is also supported by the Swim-A-Thon and it's success helps keep our dues down.    


Another important purpose of the Swim-A-Thon is that each swimmer is given a goal to reach by their coaches.  Many swimmers will look at that goal and hesitate in their belief that they can accomplish it.  I am proud to say that I have never seen a swimmer miss their goal.  It is with determination and commitment that each swimmer takes this goal and many exceed the goal.  This builds their confidence and shows them nothing is impossible.


Tsunami Meet



This is our annual meet that the Great Lakes Tritons hosts.  2010 was our first year and it was a great success.  We look forward to each successful meet in December.


The success of the meet is a direct result of all Triton families pulling together and making it happen.  Without the volunteers, donations, ideas, and supporters this meet would never get off the ground.  At the minimum, we are asking each family to work at least THREE of the 5 sessions of the meet.  





Details on how you can volunteer for the Tsunami will be provided in November.


Parent and Swimmer Tabs



The Great Lakes Tritons offer both parents and swimmers many different resources to use to become familiar with the team and with competitive swimming.  These resources are directed towards parents of competitive swimmers and the swimmers themselves.  Use the resources to learn, appreciate, and love the sport your swimmer has chosen.


Additional Costs



Parents need to be aware that there are additional costs to competitive swimming.  GLT will offer team apparel for both the swimmers and the families.  This is a great way to promote our team and show our team spirit.  This will be offered a couple of times a year.  We will keep you posted on the dates


Attending meets is also an extra cost.  When you sign up for a meet, you are charged for each event you sign up for.  Generally, the events are about $5.00 per individual event and $3 for relay participation.  There are a couple of surcharges.  The host team will charge a $1.00 - $5.00 surcharge and GLT will charge, a $10 per swimmer surcharge for local meets within 60 miles*, $30 per swimmer surcharge for meets in-state over 60 miles*, $35 per swimmer surcharge for Midwest meets (OH, IL, IN, etc.), and $50 per swimmer surcharge for national meets.

* Meet distances will be calculated based on Chippewa Valley Administration Building.

These GLT surcharges are put directly towards the cost of having a coach at the pool for all sessions of the meet and travel expenses.  (Please note that once you commit to attending a meet and the sign up deadline has passed, fees are NOT refundable for any reason.)