Time Standards

In an article from About.com titled “Swimming Time Standards Explained”, they give the explanation for the basis of time standards used in swimming.  They state that one reason for using time standards is to assist in the goal setting process.  Time Standards are also used to control the size of meets.  As higher and faster level the time standards become the fewer swimmers there are in the competition.

Another use for time standards is to compare a swimmers level of swimming with other swimmers in their age group.  As the swimmer gets older the time standards change.  This change is due to the changes in maturation rates, injuries and changing interests. 

Click HERE for the current time standards as used by Michigan Swimming.

Because Great Lakes Tritons is a year around Swim Team, there will be times when you will need to convert your times.  Example: going from Short Course Season to Long Course Season you may need to convert your SCY time to a LCM time or visa versa.  You can do this HERE.