Weekly Covid Testing for 13+ Swimmers

Lori Morrison

If you have a swimmer 13+ in any group, they fall into the new MDHHS guideline to get tested weekly for COVID-19 in school or club sports.  In order for GLT to be in compliance with the State of Michigan, all of our athletes (ages 13-19) will need a weekly covid test before practicing during the time these orders are active from the State. 

  • We will be offering free rapid tests weekly on Sundays at 50161 Nesting Ridge Dr, Macomb, MI 48044 (side yard- socially distant and outdoors to maximize safety).
  • If you are unavailable to attend the Sunday testing, you can obtain one of your own at a local testing facility.  These rapid antigen tests will need to be 24 hours preceding practice.
  • If you would prefer to get the RT-PCR test, you will need them within 72 hours preceding practice. 
  • If you choose to get your own test from a clinic or pharmacy, you are responsible for any costs involved.  You will also be responsible for submitting the results to your Coach before the first practice of the week in order to attend any practice.
  • If the rapid test comes back as positive, you will need to immediately isolate and obtain a RT-PCR test within 48 hours.  If that one comes back negative, you can return to practice at that point.  If the PCR test comes back positive, you will need to isolate for 14 days and follow CDC guidelines. 
  • If you have an athlete who has recovered from COVID in the past 90 days, and they remain symptom-free, they may participate without testing if they can provide a letter from their doctor attesting that they fall into this category.  Antibody testing is not sufficient.  Please email this documentation to [email protected]


  • Swimmers will need to arrive at testing location with a mask on.
  • Swimmers will need to have waiver completed before arriving each week.
  • Swimmers will be able to leave once they swab their nose.
  • Here is some information on how they will swab their nose.  Pleae review this with them before arriving.  
  • Here's a video to help explain the process.  Click on this LINK and scroll to "Module 3:  Specimen Selection and Handling"
  • Please sign up for a time-slot at the link below.



SignUp Genius for Covid Testing can be found HERE