Swim Meet Information

Lori Morrison

GLT Families- I am attaching a photo of what to write on their arm/hand prior to the meet.  All of their meet info (events) will be on the website under the meet you signed up for.  You can also review the New Swimmer Orientation video earlier this session HERE where we went over it visually.


All About Swim Meets…

How do I sign my swimmer up?
You will receive an email notification from a GLT coach to alert you that a meet has opened for sign-up.  You can also see all meets from the main pages of the website.  Click on the meet name for information about the meet, including meet fees.  (There will be a lot of details in the Meet Packet found by clicking under the Forms/Documents link at the bottom of event information). 

Click on the “Attend/Decline” or “Edit Commitment” button and declare yes or no for the meet.  There is a “Notes” section… let the coach know what days you will attend and whether your swimmer would like to participate in relays (if they are available).  If you leave the NOTES section blank, the coaches can assume you intend on participating all days of the meet and are available for relays.

You may be able to select meet events during sign up, but finals entries are subject to coach approval.  We recommend that you have the coach pick your swimmer events.  You can go back to your meet entry after the deadline to register has passed to see your swimmer’s approved events.

Once the meet signup deadline has passed, your swimmer is committed to the meet.  If you cannot attend for any reason, you are STILL responsible for payment of meet fees.  If you did not decline relay participation, and your swimmer does not swim in the relay (for any reason), every attempt will be made to replace them.  If a replacement cannot be made and the relay is cancelled, you will be responsible for the full relay fees. 

Please notify a GLT coach as soon as possible if you cannot attend a meet you signed up for.

What should I bring to a meet?

  • Their GLT Swim Cap (and a spare.. just in case)
  • Swimsuit, goggles—extra are a good idea here too
  • A couple of towels, flipflops/crocs/deck shoes and something to wear that keeps them warm in between events.
  • A dark colored sharpie to write events on hand/arm (please do this ahead of time.. leave space to write heat and lane numbers which they will get that info at the meet).
  • WATER!!! And a healthy snack to keep energized.
  • A book, deck of cards, or other activity to pass the time
  • Swimmers usually must “check in” by highlighting their name/event(s) on a list hung up at the meet.  Your own highlighter may help speed up the process. 
  • Bring money!!  Parents will be charged for admission, and most meets have concessions. 

Other helpful info:
*Have a meeting place planned before your swimmer leaves you. It can be chaotic after.
*After swimming their final event, they can check in with the coach and pack up to leave.
*Check meet info for the events your swimmer was selected to swim before the meet.  Coach Dave     
often sends an email, but you can also click on your swimmer like you committed them for the meet and it will show what they are swimming.


This is an example of what to write on your swimmer’s arm/hand before the meet (See Attached)

You will have access to the Event # and Event Name and leave a space for them to complete the Heat and Lane numbers.

For example, this swimmer is swimming
Event #1- 100 Medley Relay (they are doing the butterfly), Heat 1, Lane 4. 
Event #17- 25 Butterfly, Heat 4, Lane 2
Event #37, 25 Back, Heat 3, Lane 1
Event #57 100 Free Relay (2nd swimmer), Heat 5, Lane 3