New Protocol from USA Swimming- Effective Fall 2022

Lori Morrison

New information from USA Swimming:  

In the past, GLT has always done the paperwork to obtain USA Swimming Memberships for all swimmers/coaches/team/volunteers.  Effective this fall, USA Swimming is requiring that each family login to a portal with them and purchase their own USA Swim Membership.  Because of this, we will be DECREASING our Annual Registration Fee by the amount we were paying for that membership.  Rather than $160 you paid last fall, you will now only pay $76 to GLT once per year.  You will get information in the near future on how to make an account with USA Swim, register your swimmer(s), purchase their USA Swim Membership, and much more-- this will all have to be done at some point after September 1st, so we have time to get that information out to you.  

In the meantime, registration for GLT is open again.  If you previously registered for fall before we had to "pause" registration, you will be getting a credit of $84 back onto your credit card so that you are only paying $76 for the Annual Registration Fee.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lori at [email protected]

Thank you!