GOAL Endless Pool Lessons in June & July

Tom & Vickie Beck

Additional GOAL private lessons for June and July have been set up in GOAL's endless pool at 2805 S. 76 Ave.  GOAL is providing private lessons to GOAL swimmers in GOAL’s Elite Endless Pool.  The  pool comes with a tilted forward facing mirror and a full body length mirror on the bottom of the pool, and a mirror that hangs over the pool for backstrokers.  This endless pool allows for very efficient stroke technique work (no starts or turns though).  The elite endless pool has a smooth current generator that allows for speeds ranging from very relaxed to a very high intensity.  There are also 2 underwater cameras attached to 2 different televisions that allow for immediate video feedback.   

You can register for the lessons now on the GOAL website by clicking on the GOAL Swim School button, then click on GOAL Private Lessons (at the bottom of that page).  Lessons are reserved by paying with credit card on the GOAL website, and the lessons are $60.  GOAL head coach Tom Beck will be running the lesson, along with another GOAL assistant coach (So a 2 to 1 coach to swimmer ratio!).

Lesson dates are currently set up for Monday thru Thursdays, starting Thur. June 8, with 12:15, 12:50, 1:25, and 2:00 PM start times.  A restroom is not currently available at this time so please plan accordingly.   There is a changing room available.  Parents are encouraged to take video of the video monitors for later reviews..

Thank you for swimming for GOAL!

Coach Tom