What is Goal

The Greater Omaha Aquatics, Inc. Leopard Sharks (GOAL) is a member club of USA Swimming that provides professional coaching for a wide range of swimmers in the Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding area.  GOAL, established and incorporated in the Fall of 2001, is a coach-owned and operated competitive swim team that is a club member of the Midwestern Swimming Local Swimming Committee (LSC) of USA Swimming.  The majority of the GOAL practice groups practice at the City of Omaha's Montclair Community Center, which is 4 blocks north of Center on South 135th Ave., and at Brownell-Talbot, which is located on the south side of Underwood Ave. at 55th St.  GOAL also practices at the City of Omaha's Mockingbird Community Center (102nd & Mockingbird Dr.), Westgate Pool (83rd & Grover), Regency Lake & Tennis Club (Pacific St. & Regency Pkwy) and the College of St. Mary’s (72nd & Cedar) on a part-time basis. 


  •         We will provide a positive, enjoyable experience and environment that leaves a swimmer wanting to keep swimming as a lifelong activity, whether it is for fitness, recreation, or competition. 
  • ·       We will teach the fundamentals of efficient stroke, start and turn techniques, as well as racing strategy.  The swimmers should know this so well that they would be competent in teaching this themselves. 
  • ·       We will teach the fundamentals of achievement, including goal setting and the ability to  focus on what is under your control.  A proper definition of success brings it within reach of every hard-working individual. 
  • ·       We will create a supportive team structure that allows the individuals to achieve as close to their potential as possible.` 
  • ·       We will provide a USA Swimming Club that supports the goals of the Nebraska High School swimming program while keeping the main focus on the USA Swimming local, regional and national program
The mission of Greater Omaha Aquatics (GOAL) is to teach and train the youth of the greater Omaha area in the most efficient competitive swimming techniques, in order to work towards achieving individual and team goals.  Through this process, they will have the opportunity to develop and strengthen personal character traits to allow them to be tomorrow’s leaders.
The vision of GOAL is a markedly improved level of competitive swimming in the greater Omaha and surrounding area.