The Top Ten Swim Meet Truths For Parents

10)  There is no crying in swimming!!!  There are always emotional ups and downs in any type of competition. Stay grounded! Be humble at the highs and positive during the lows. This applies to coaches, parents, and swimmers alike. 

9)  Bring your own seating. Remember 200+ people around the pool! Best to not depend on finding the view of your choice – reservations are not accepted.  Be polite and realize that it is what it is.

8)  It is nice to have some down time to read.  Time between swimming events is often 40-50 minutes and is a great time to catch up on some reading.  Bring some reading material and you might be surprised at how many "Stars" you could read between events. 

7)  You will learn the definition of volunteerism. In order for any organization to operate a competition like this it takes a lot of individuals doing a lot of things in a cooperative and joint effort. When you are asked to help out with something please respond as a member of the YMCA HUB FINS team. 

 6)  Bring some spare coins.  A swim meet is a case in controlled chaos. Lots of people and, therefore, lots of items for sale. For instance: meet programs (almost an absolute necessity), a concession stand, meet t-shirts, a swimming shop vendor for goggles, caps, suits, etc. Thank goodness there is not an admission fee.

 5)  DQ’s are a fact of life.  We all would like to think our kids are error free.  Disqualifications in swimming – especially for the beginner – absolutely will occur. (See Top Ten Swim Meet Truths for Parents# 10) 

 4)  Warm Ups are like a minnow bucket.  During this time of the swim meet it is most important to be ON TIME! Try and arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled warm-up time. This time is where the coaching staff “centers” new swimmers on the task at hand. Jitters and worries are addressed and confidence is provided. A fairly important part of the plan!

 3)  Allow your swimmer to experience the entire event.  Your guidance during this event is vitally important to your swimmer’s experience. However, don’t shield your young athlete to the realities of sports competition. (Again, see Top Ten Swim Meet Truths for Parents # 10)

2)  Have Fun!!  As all of us know we don’t have kids for long. Enjoy this experience and keep a healthy perspective! Your kids are participating in the healthiest youth sports programs in the entire country!      

………and the # 1 Top Ten Swim Meet Truth for Parents is……….


1)  Trust Your Coaching Staff.  Do you? If you do then allow us to do our jobs. Be patient with us - we have a lot of children to watch, console, criticize, build up, discipline, and converse with.  Please encourage that interaction! DO NOT coach your swimmer. Quite frankly, it is just not quite as smart as you think it is. Send Your Swimmer to us Before and After each swim!!!!