Mission San Jose Aquatics

Dream * Believe * Achieve

Mission Jan Jose Aquatics is a community based USA swim team dedicated to providing swimmers of all abilities the opportunity to be the best that they can be.
MSJA Swimmers range from age 5 to college level. We have eight distinct training groups and all groups practice at Ohlone College in Fremont, California.

Mission San Jose Aquatics was established in 1989 as a competitive swimming program deeply rooted in the values of its founding coaching staff. These values include a love of aquatic sports, a belief that competitive swimming teaches transferable life-skills, and the understanding that a community is held together by its shared devotion to education and commitment to the success of youth.

Our goal is to produce an environment in which everyone can strive to realize the Olympic ideals of hard work, sportsmanship, competition and fitness. Ultimately swimmers will build self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity and courage that will last a lifetime.

Unlike many recreational and competitive sports, success in swimming truly requires a year-round commitment in order to develop skills, manifest physiological change, and master the competitive environment. This level of commitment requires that the swimmer make appropriate lifestyle choices, prioritize and effectively manage their time, and learn to make sacrifices. The sport of competitive swimming teaches young people the relationship between work and results, how to deal with success, set-backs and failures, and the complexities of working cooperatively with others and dealing with constructive criticism, demands, and discipline from an authority figure. All of these skills are highly transferable, and there is considerable evidence that swimmers enjoy more success academically, professionally, and interpersonally than participants in other youth-sport activities.

Our professional coaching staff works with each swimmer in a personal, informative and positive way. Our coaches blend unique stroke drills, age-appropriate training and fun into each practice. Their unique approach to swimming makes MSJA one of the premier swim teams in the country.

Some of our swimmers win gold medals. Some qualify for National Teams and/or All Star Teams. Some earn college scholarships. MSJA swimmers of all abilities can experience success by improving their technique, times, training habits, race strategies and time management skills. Swimmers win by dedicating and believing in themselves. Swimmers win by setting goals and striving to reach them.

Our year-round swimmers enjoy fun team socials, outings, travel opportunities, and competitions. Our swimmers often become life-long friends. Annually, we celebrate together at our Awards Banquet where we honor the success of each and every athlete.

The enjoyment we experience away from the pool as well as the learning, training, success and fun we have in the pool what makes our year-round team so special. On behalf of our coaching staff, I would like to welcome you to the mo comprehensive and exciting swim team available to area youngsters, Mission San Jose Aquatics.

Debbie Potts
CEO/Head Coach

All Champions Begin With A Dream

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