Swim America
We Teach Kids to Swim for Health, Safety, Fitness & Fun

Welcome to our SwimAmerica program!  We think you will find that SwimAmerica is truly a state of the art learn-to-swim teaching program.  It has been developed by a committee of the American Swimming Coaches Association to provide the finest learn-to-swim program in the world.

Our Program Director, Site Supervisors and Coaching Staff have been professionally prepared to offer your child the very latest in teaching and learning.  We feature lessons for children, with a ten-step station program that allows each child to progress at their own rate.  When children pass the advancement goals for a particular station, they are immediately promoted to the next station, so there is no need to wait until a new 2-week session  begins.  We think of the program as being represented well by two phrases: “goal-driven” and “technique-oriented”. 

“Goal-driven” means that we have well-defined skills that represent “graduation points” to the next station in the system.  By having ten stations (in both school-age and preschool), we are able to reward the efforts of  the child at every phase of the learn-to-swim progression and help build their personal confidence in their ability to learn. 

“Technique-oriented” means that we are very concerned with teaching proper stroke mechanics from the very beginning.  Correcting errors is a  much  more difficult process later in the developmental progression.  Our coaches emphasize correct learning from the first lesson.

You can follow the progression of your child by checking the back of their certificate that outlines the advancement skills at each station.  Our Site Supervisors can “graduate” your child at any point  in the lesson and will be spot testing to determine if they are ready for the next station. 

Our Site Supervisors are available to discuss or answer any questions you  may have  concerning  your child’s progress.  In the interest of effective teaching, please do not talk to our coaches because they need to direct 100% of their attention to their students.   

Congratulations on bringing  your child to  SwimAmerica!  You are a part of the world’s finest learn-to-swim program.  We appreciate your involvement in our program. We know that your child will really learn how to swim!
Best Regards,
Debbie Potts
President / CEO Mission San Jose Aquatics

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