MAC Philosophy

The Monocacy Aquatic Club is a year-round competitive organization.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality coaching and instruction so that MAC swimmers are able to reach their fullest potential.  Decisions made by coaches and the MAC board of directors reflect our goals and philosophy and are in the overall best interest of the team and our swimmers.  

As a MAC family, you are enlisting our expertise and entrusting the development of your swimmers to the MAC coaching staff.  The MAC coaches are professionals and take this responsibility seriously.  MAC assumes responsibility for your child's practice regimen, stroke development, competition schedule and meet event selection.  As swimmers develop and progress through the age group and senior programs we also challenge them to take responsibility for their own success.  The expectation is that parents leave their child's development as a swimmer to the MAC coaches.  Interference in this process only weakens MAC's ability to help your swimmer achieve their full potential.

Practices and competitions are a vital part of every swimmer's development.  Swimmers are expected to regularly attend practices and the competitions recommended by MAC.  Coaches will encourage swimmers to be at practice and compete at all recommended meets.  Parents and swimmers are expected to communicate with the coaches when swimmers are unable to attend practice or a competition.

We train and compete throughout all 12 months of the year.  We generally give swimmers a 4-7 day break in the spring as well as a 2-3 week break in August after the MD Swimming Championship meet.  All swimmers are expected to actively practice and compete with MAC in accordance with this schedule.

NOTE TO NOVICE GROUP (Crocs, Eels, Sharks) FAMILIES: At the younger ages and more developmental groups we do not expect the same commitment level that we do from our more experienced Age Group and Senior Swimmers.  While we want all swimmers at practices and meets, the younger swimmers are still experimenting with multiple sports and activities to find what they love to do.  We are fine with this and believe that other activities help develop well rounded athletes.  We want to ensure that all families understand the goals of MAC as swimmers progress through our program. 

If you have questions about MAC, our philosophy or your swimmer's development we ask that you communicate with your coach or the head coaches as soon as possible.  We also encourage the swimmers to communicate questions about their swimming directly with their coach.