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Coaching Staff
Wade Heggie Head Coach

Wade originally started out with MSA as a swimmer at the age of 9 and competed for 9 years.  As a former age-group swimmer, he was state champion in the breaststroke multiple times. He started as a part time coach in 1991 while in high school and continued coaching the summers while on break from college. He then served as an assistant coach until becoming the Head Coach in 2004.

Wade attended MS State and received his Bachelor's in Business Administration. He then pursued his Master's degree in Sports Administration from University of Southern MS. He is currently the Fitness Center Director at Meridian Community College. 

In addition to coaching, Wade has served on MS Swimming's Board of Directors in multiple capacities. He has previously served MS Swimming as the Safety Chair for 2 years and the General Chair for 4 years. He is currently serving as the Administrative Vice Chair for MS.

Wade is the father of two current MSA swimmers.

Erica Heggie Assistant Coach

Erica has been swimming since the age of 6 and continues to study the strokes. She has been a part of MSA since 1999. First starting out as a volunteer, she eventually started running the computers for MSA swim meets in 2010. She officially became a MSA Assistant Coach in 2013. 

In addition to coaching, Erica is also in charge of billing and registration for all members. She is also an Administration Official and serves as the current Records Chair for MS Swimming.

Erica has been a swim mom for over 8 years, as currently both her children are MSA swimmers, and her husband, Wade, is MSA's Head Coach.