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Code of Conduct for MSA Swim Coaches

First and foremost, each coach, as a non-athlete member of USA Swimming, is bound by the Code of Conduct as listed in section 304 of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations. In addition, MSA has listed points below that each of our coaches also need to abide by. The following points in the Code of Conduct shall pertain to practices, meets, camps, meetings, and/or clinics where the coaches represent Meridian Swim Association, in or outside our LSC.

The Coach (es) shall:

  • Follow principles of teaching, coaching, training, nutrition, rest and prevention of injuries while planning all practices, dryland, etc. and while coaching at meets.

  • Provide and exhibit appropriate communication and motivation to encourage peak performances and participation by all athletes.

  • Always identify and meet the needs of the individual swimmer as well as the needs of the team.

  • Work with the Head Coach to give each swim group, or lane, the workout best suited for their ability.

  • Have open lines of communication between the Head Coach and Assistant Coach (es). The Head Coach is responsible for the entire team and needs to be made aware of any issues or concerns that the assistant coach (es) or parents may have. The Assistant Coach (es) will in turn be notified of any concerns that are brought to the Head Coach that directly address their lanes. In addition, the Assistant Coach (es) also need to speak with the Head Coach about supplies that may be needing to improve their swim groups’ swim experience. If the Head Coach agrees with the order, he or she will then present it to the Board of Directors for review.

  • Follow the chain of command set forth by MSA: Assistant Coach (es) report to the Head Coach who reports to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors can be contacted directly if there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Have open lines of communication between the Head Coach and the Board of Directors.

  • Not leave their lanes unattended to speak with a parent, friend, etc, unless another coach has been told and given the workout for the children. We do not want the child to wait on the wall for this conversation to occur. We understand there may be times you need to leave for a moment, but make sure the other swimmers are covered by another coach and an appropriate workout is maintained in your absence.

  • Display responsible actions and attitudes, follow the rules, and encourage the same actions and attitudes in their athletes

  • Walk along the side, or stand at the end of lanes, to adequately supervise the swimmers and to assess any areas that may be needing improvement with their stroke (unless in the water with the swimmers).

  • Treat all athletes, coaches, officials and parents of MSA fairly and with respect.

  • Report only hours worked, during practices and/or dryland, which have actually been spent in a coaching capacity. Payments for working meets will be calculated differently.

  • Respect our team and not speak derogatively about it, or any of its athletes or parents, at practices, meets or any other team activity.

  • Keep personal conversations to a minimum during practices. The swimmers are there to receive the best possible workout for them and do not need random workouts given so coaches can carry on a conversation.

  • Maintain all your required USA swimming certifications, tests, etc. This is your responsibility to ensure that the expiration date does not pass before you’ve completed the required recertification.

  • Keep phone calls to a minimum if you need to take a call. This is a distraction to you as well as the swimmers.

  • Treat all competitors and other teams with respect and encourage all team members to do the same, whether in victory or defeat.

  • Support and cheer for all athletes on MSA’s team.

  • Be present to assist in setting up and taking down all items for home swim meets.

  • Encourage the swimmers to obey the spirit of the rules and regulations in and out of the pool.

Other items, as seen necessary, may be added by the MSA Board of Directors at any time. The added items will be given to the Coach (es) for them to initial and will be put in the file with this original Code of Conduct.

Failure to comply with any Code of Conduct rule will results in any, or all, of the following disciplinary actions:

  1. A coach may not be allowed to participate in practice, meets, or any other team event for a determined amount of time as notified by the Head Coach or the Board of Directors.

  2. A coach may be requested to leave the aquatic facility and/or lodging for the duration of a meet.

  3. A coach may be terminated from the team indefinitely and responsible for payment back to the team of their USA Swimming membership dues.