Welcome to the Minnetonka Swim Club Volunteering Page!

The club generally hosts 5-7 meets a year, all with lots of opportunities for you to get involved! While the club does not have a requirement for volunteer hours, just 10 hours per family will help to put on some spectacular events!

Need a few more reasons to volunteer?

  1. WE NEED YOU! It takes 2,000+ volunteer hours to run our meets during the Short Course Season! WOW!
  2. You’ll look awesome in your free volunteer t-shirt! COOL!
  3. You’ll be fed well! Get access to the hospitality table--it’s full of food and drinks! YUM!
  4. You’ll be comfortable! The bleachers are hard, hot and crowded. AHHH!
  5. You’ll have FUN! Be a part of our volunteer community! Your kids will LOVE seeing you take part and you will love being involved! WOO HOO!!

Need help deciding what role is right for your – check out these descriptions! They should help you get on your way!

Still have questions – please reach out to our fabulous Volunteer Coordinators! [email protected]

Please note that we are always looking for volunteers to shadow ALL skilled and leadership positions!

Please contact your Volunteer Coordinators with any questions. 






Volunteering Commitment

When registering, each family agrees to our Volunteer/Hospitality Agreement. The expectation for each family for volunteering during the 2017-2018 Short Course season is a minimum of 10 hours per family and many will far exceed that number.  We believe that our club’s philosophy for volunteering in its true sense (no buy out / no penalties) provides our volunteers, athletes and guests the best experience possible.

To help optimize our volunteer efforts, we will be including a $25 charge per family with registration to fund our hosted meet hospitality items so no donated food is necessary.