Covid-19 Protocol


Due to Covid, we have had to restructure how we run the program this season. We have reduced the number in all groups, each lane has restrictions on the number on swimmers that we allow in it, and we start swimmers from both ends of the pool. Half the lane is in the shallow end, the other half of the lane is in the deep end, and both ends of the lane are staying socially distant while stopped and swimming.

Swimmers get dropped off for practice, and picked up, we do not allow any parents to come inside the facilities to watch practices. Swimmers come inside, say they are here for Otters practice, and come wait on socially distant numbers outside the pool area until their practice starts (at Uptown downstairs by the pool office, at Midtown in the gym by the pool).

A few minutes before practice a coach comes and goes through the following health screening questions with every swimmer:

  • Do you have any cold, flu, or Covid symptoms?
  • Does anyone around you, in your friend group, or family, have any cold, flu, or Covid symptoms?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Is your family healthy?
  • Can you taste and smell?
  • And we take their temperature (we do not record it)
  • Have you been in contact with anyone that recently tested positive for covid?


As long as they answer everything with a positive, they can practice. If they have any negative answers, then we call home and they are not allowed to attend practice until they cleared and healthy.

Everyone wears masks into the building, and right up until it is time to shower (they take them off to shower, and swim). After the shower they put their mask back on until they are ready to swim.

All swimmers arrive in their swim suits, we do not use the locker rooms, and they leave in their suits. So we ask that swimmers wear baggy things over their suits, easy to put on after practice. They put their things on deck, on marked spots that are spaced out to keep swimmers socially distant.Drinking fountains are not available at this time,