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2022-2023 Minneapolis YWCA Otters Swim-a-thon
Support Scholarship and Excellence in Minneapolis Swimming
JAN 15
Time: 12:00 AM
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All Minneapolis YWCA Locations
David Cameron Email
In 20 years, the support of YWCA Minneapolis and the swimming community has allowed the Otters swim team to grow from a handful of swimmers into a consistent force in competition, and a driver of change in our community. This year, we launch new initiatives to address disparities in swimming education access, job training, and scholarship, to advance the sport of swimming in Minneapolis.

The past year has forced us to face not just the universal challenge of a global pandemic, but also the reality of injustice in our community, and the recovery needed from damage to our community and to all of our facilities. Otters have been present throughout this- training together remotely online, cleaning up in recovery efforts in Minneapolis, supporting with service at our neighborhood resource center, and standing for change in our community, our city, our country.

It would be simple and easy to ask for help because we, like any youth sports program, are in dire straits in trying to push through the logistics hurdles of operation in a pandemic. Even in these challenges, we have greater purpose that must be faced. And our program addresses societal issues that are far older than the restrictions of this year's pandemic response

The global pandemic has delayed, but not denied, our response, our responsibility, our obligation as a program to provide opportunity, access, scholarship, and acceptance, to communities underrepresented in the sport of swimming. As we emerge as a stronger team, we have a duty to expand and support our organization's drive to bring diversity, equity, and equality, to the sport of swimming in our city and beyond.

Over the last decade, the Minneapolis YWCA Otters and Masters have consistently led local efforts to expand access and scholarship for swim lessons, swim team participation, and job training in lower-access and underrepresented communities. Between our varied fundraising efforts, hundreds of children have been able to take lessons and pursue competition or career development in our sports, with over half a million in combined fundraising. As a new USA Swimming Foundation local partner, we are targeting growth in these areas and a new initiative in adult swimming education over the next year, as our original campaign's funding has ended.

Please consider joining our campaign and efforts, both as a financial supporter, and as an on-site volunteer to count and recognize the efforts of our swimmers!

Our efforts and fundraising focus on these specific areas:
1. Support for Education- every adult and child should have access to developing safety skills in a learn to swim program. An effort is underway to build scholarship access into a much broader reach in our lessons program for youth and adults. As we approach swim lessons in the return from COVID response restrictions, this will be part of our programming.
2. Scholarship- we have the strongest scholarship program of any team in Minnesota, and it supports athletes not just starting the sport, but those into higher levels of commitment and competition. No swimmer misses out on opportunities in their swimming because of lack of access or resources.
3. Outreach programming- new programs to use our participants as mentors and teachers in swimming to children and adults from underrepresented populations in our community.
4. Team outreach- new efforts to grow swimming into schools and communities underrepresented in competitive swimming in Minneapolis, with focus on several key schools for each site, led by our Novice and Swim Lessons Leads

Participating Otters and Masters will swim as many laps as possible during the two hour Swim-A-Thon in January. Participants will be collecting pledges from family, friends and neighbors through January 15, so please make a contribution today! Donations are 100% tax-deductible.
Thank you for all your support!
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$2,100.00 Benjamin Kell
$2,005.06 Jackson Jaglo
$1,300.00 Bristow Mahowald
$1,080.00 Lucinda Wissink
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$5,825.00 Unclassified
$5,135.06 UT PS M/W 430-530, T/Th 430-6, F 430-630
$4,633.34 Senior Otters - Combined
$1,425.00 UT River 1 M/W/F 5:30-6:30pm
$940.00 MT Sea M/W 5:30-7 T/Th 5:30-6:30
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$12,878.13 Uptown YWCA
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$1,495.00 Midtown YWCA
$908.34 Uptown Coaches