The swim-a-thon is an annual fundraiser for our team, its scholarship program, and the YWCA's Swim for Change lesson scholarship program.

During the last in-school week of December, swimmers meet for one or two practice sessions to see how far they can swim for a 120-minute time period. Pledges from sponsors are collected in the month leading up to this date, and can still be collected until the new year, and they can be based on distance swum or a simple flat pledge.

Each swimmer has a personal fundraising page on our website, and parents can help their swimmer do outreach to friends and family to spread the word about our campaign. Over the last five years, we have moved from raising a few thousand dollars to becoming one of the top fundraising teams in the country. A portion of funds raised also goes back to USA Swimming's Make a Splash campaign, which is very similar to out local outreach efforts.


Funds are 100% tax-deductible and donors receive a gift letter from the YWCA. We realize that not everyone will want to do the fundraising, though we encourage it,  but we do try to get as many people doing the hour swim as possible. We treat it like any practice, and it is a good way for the swimmers to challenge themselves to see what they are capable of doing in an hour.