Otters December Update

Minneapolis Otters Administration

Swimmers and parents,

Welcome back to the season! I hope your Thanksgiving break helped recharge you for the winter build-up. December is always an eventful month for our team, as we welcome back girls from high school teams, send out older boys off to their school squads, host our largest annual meet, run our annual fundraiser, and prepare for our older swimmers’ training trip! Add on a private lesson sale, some team gear specials, and winter break day camps, and we’ve got a lot to do in the next five weeks. 

Last week, I started thanksgiving break with true coaching satisfaction. We had just completed a new, boys-only meet (to send them off to high school season), with 15 swimmers in Rochester. Boys tapered down to see what they could accomplish, helped design group shirts and expectations, and offered up four sessions of spectacular competition. Swimmers were throwing down lifetime bests heat after heat, including beating times from their high school season last year, and we already have had a lot of team records set in the 11-12, 13-14, and 15 and over age groups for boys. Coach Ross and I were thrilled with the camaraderie and mutual team support, and it was an honor to witness the resurgence of this group on our team. It gives us great drive to focus forward on the winter season with all of our groups at all sites. Special congratulations should go out to Andrew Colgan, Erik Reed, and Luke Johnson, for their new team records, and to Luke and Harvey Wilhelm for their leadership of the boys. Thank you. 

Hosted meet

Attached are meet entries for our team-hosted meet on December 15-16.

  • Service opportunities are posted and signups are needed. This is the last large event (but not the last event) to get service hours done before the March 31 deadline
  • Entries can be changed, removed, added for one more day. After tomorrow, 5pm, no changes can be made.
  • Remember- swimmers outside of novice are automatically entered and will remain in the meet unless removed by tomorrow.


You will get a separate e-mail today launching our swim-a-thon fundraiser. This is a crucial part of our program and our scholarship/outreach efforts, and a great team effort to build something together. We would like to see participation on some level from every swimmer this year. Please review information as it comes home to your swimmer on Monday and Tuesday, in addition to the e-mail communication.


  • Next week, you’ll get information about an upcoming private lesson sale, and a sale on Otter gear on-site.
  • The Deadline is Monday for the January Foxjets invitational for BB swimmers. There are NO late entries for this meet.
  • Winter break day camps are posted and open for signup.
  • Review January-February events: all River-Sea-Presenior-Senior need a Jan/Feb meet AND the finishing postseason meet. Novices need two meets for the year. We are reviewing swimmers now to add to the appropriate postseason meets.

Thank you for your attention to these events, and to our upcoming swimathon!

Dave Cameron
Otters Head Coach

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