Competition begins for YWCA Otters

Minneapolis Otters Administration

Today, our program has started posting events for competition for this season. Like every other element of our program, there have been many adaptations to ensure the safety and compliance of our athletic events with local, statewide, and USA Swimming requirements. 

Our first meet is going to be on-site at Minneapolis YWCA- Uptown, next Friday and Saturday , October 23 and 24. 

To clarify some concerns and questions we've received, here are some answers to the most common issues raised

Meet Structure

  • Three sessions are run- older swimmers are to swim on Friday night in a smaller session.
  • The Saturday and Sunday sessions will be run with the rest of the building closed down, guaranteeing us a closed, clean, and safe experience. 
  • Each session is open to a maximum of 60 swimmers.
  • Swimmers will be staged in the gym. Socially distanced, and each will have a designated crash spot to wait for their events.
  • There will be one heat of swimmers waiting behind the blocks
  • One heat of swimmers  (distanced and with masks on) waiting against the wall
  • One heat on deck waiting in the hall
  • Once the group behind the blocks is done racing, they will climb out of the pool, put their masks on, and exit through the locker rooms and return to their spot (socially distanced) in the gym to wait for their next event. T
  • All the heats will then shift up, and a new heat will be moved to the hall.
  • Spectating will be done with:
    • ​A limited number of supporters in service hour roles
    • online streaming. That means that you can watch from home! We will set up an announcer and are looking into more elaborate screening options for laying out heats and lanes on the screen. 
  • Limited volunteers will fill roles moving heats along, officiating, running the timing table, setting up and taking down equipment, regularly cycled cleaning, and assisting with filming.

Team policies

  • As laid out in our season registration, we are maintaining both our competition and our service hour requirements this year. How frequently we operate these meets will depend on how we feel the first couple operate. We are not planning any competition that introduces other teams to our facility before New Year's.
  • Service hours are also in place for this year, and those roles at our on-site meets will evolve as the season progresses. We do plan on a schedule of sanctioned and unofficial meets that spreads the team out into small, safe settings, and allows family participation.
  • Our most important roles start with training that can be done at these meets and, to some degree, remotely. We are looking to develop many more officials who can assist in these small event settings. This is a guaranteed way to get on deck, if you are looking to be on-site. Please look for shadow spots on our signup for events. If you certify as an official, we will pay for the registration, and waive your service hours for the year after you work (paid!) at events. 
  • Team suits should be ordered, but swimmers will be allowed to compete in any suits until further notice. 

To sign up for the meet, log in on your account, click on the event on the front page of our website, and look at both the "event commitment" and (when it is enabled) the "jobs" buttons. The basic parameters, including some of our COVID-19 protection protocols, are on the event page. 

Thank you for your help in running a safe program this season- we are excited to bring some of the drive back to these swimmers and allow some goal-setting and (masked) team support! 

Dave Cameron
Head Coach- Minneapolis YWCA Otters
[email protected]