Otters prepare for the return of the Virtual Otter Raft

Minneapolis Otters Administration


Obviously, we have a lot happening very quickly around here, and I'm not just talking about those sprints in practice tonight.

Thursday practices will run as normal. On Monday, based on your responses, we will transition to distance coaching on the Otters Virtual Raft for the following 26 days. Hopefully, we'll be back in the water after that!

It is my goal to provide safe programming to engage your kids, give them a sense of normalcy and community, and keep them connected with one of their active passions. We all have more than enough zoom in our lives right now, but this is different from online class- they're moving and engaging a lot more! Please fill out the survey with your Otter present. And do it tonight or tomorrow!

So- how can we get the most out of this?

  • Get equipped- mat, and appropriate weights. I'm looking into a bulk band order that I could drive out and get tomorrow, too.
  • Tell us when your otter can practice... as soon as possible!
  • Make this bigger! learn how to connect your laptop or tablet to a big screen (HDMI cable and converter/dongle) to give them a bigger workout experience
  • Join them! We are fine with parents doing the workout.
  • Take attendance, and track it over time. Hold them to this commitment, because we'll also be taking attendance! We want to see them elevate their workouts every day!
  • Connect with them outside. The governor's orders deny any outside connections with others- even a walk outside with someone outside your household is against these orders. We need you to get them the daylight that they...and you...need!
  • Talk nutrition. We'll be doing a lot of that to plan things out this weekend in our home, and I'll try to get some resources out. We're finding that the weird schedule has led to some sleeping in and less-than-ideal breakfasts. I hope we can do a zoom cooking class in our first week and beyond to show some great athlete meals!
  • Bring us suggestions on movies, activities, group watching (a newish feature on netflix and others) and more. We'll be pushing the movie "Pride" next week thanks to a partnership with USA swimming, but there's lots more out there to keep them excited about the sport!

That's all I've got. Stay safe, stay healthy, MAKE TIME FOR OUR LAST PRACTICE TOMORROW, and know that we will be stronger together after we take the right steps now.


Dave Cameron
Head Coach- Minneapolis YWCA Otters