Welcome to Otters- Swim meet planning and signups

David Cameron
Sep 18, 2018


I've updated the site with some link changes, and will add more features later. A new walkthrough and routing you directly through the meets and events page should solve some of the challenges you and I have had for signing up. 

This is the simple, keeper e-mail on meets, and the first of several e-mails coming your way. The links you need for the season's meets are here, and much more is available in the meets and events section of our website.

The Otters compete in meets in USA Swimming. Your initial registration takes care of annual fees for USA Swimming. The fall-winter season builds towards postseason events for the C, B, A, and CH (Champ) level in March, and our National-level swimmers consider events out of state at the end of the season.


  1. Our meet schedule is here. We have guaranteed entry to many of these meets, but the deadlines are usually inflexible. To help avoid missing out, I would like swimmers to select their meets this week for the first two months of competition (through Thanksgiving Break). Please review this sheet, and sign up for the events (even if it's just yes/no with a note about which day(s) now. It does help us even if you say that you are not coming.
  2. Later today, i will send out a separate e-mail with recommendations about meets for each level of the team, and focused events for speed groups.
  3. Swimmers in all groups have a meet requirement. They vary by level. Please review those here
  4. Meets require the current team suit and team cap. These can be found by following the Elsmore link on the front page of our website. There are multiple cuts for the girls' suit, because of specific requests from athletes. They are all long-lasting poly suits. Any suit that is NOT this suit will NOT suffice for in-season competition- please order them now. You can be fitted at the Elsmore stores, but the suits are only available for purchase online. A long-lasting suit like this should also work for practice, if you like. Past years’ team suits (from before 2017-2018), or team suits from other teams, are not acceptable at meets.
  5. If your suit hasn't arrived by the first meet, any suit is OK, but the suit needs to have been ordered. Scholarship athletes will have a suit ordered for them once the size is verified.
  6. All swimmers besides Novices are automatically entered in our home meets on October 27-28 and December 15-16 If you cannot attend, you'll need to remove yourselves and find alternative meets to meet competition requirements. 
  7. All meets have fees due to the host club, and they vary in amount and how they are set up. Some meets are a flat fee, some have a flat fee and separate charges for each race.
  8. Postseason meet entry is automatic for all qualifying swimmers above Novice who are on the team from January 1 onwards. Postseason meets begin in late Feburary and progress into mid-march.
  9. New time standards will be posted when released by Minnesota Swimming. Meets are often organized by time standards. Learn more about that here
  10. Our service hours period for the winter season lasts through March, but most of the opportunities come in the first 2/3 of the season. We are eager to get more parents involved in timing, and especially officiating, so please put time aside for our intrasquad and hosted meets!

Let's get this season started!

Dave Cameron
Head Coach- Minneapolis Otters