Team Update

David Cameron


Just a few quick notes as we prepare for the last few weekends of in-season competition

First off, there are TWO in-season meets left to get postseason qualifying times. 

First, February 4, there is an intrasquad at Uptown
Second, February 11-12, there is an invitational at Richfield Middle school. 

Both can be signed up for now, but time is running out. These are the LAST TWO meets to earn times for postseason qualification

Following those meets, there are postseason meets for each level. Swimmers are AUTOMATICALLY entered into the appropriate postseason meet based on final times, as part of their agreement at registration for the season. Here are those meets:

February 25-26- Bronze times- meet at Eden Prairie Community Center
March 3-5- Silver and Gold times- MRC at Edina
March 9-12- 14 & under CH times- State Champs at Rochester
March 16-19- Senior State 15+ CH times- Senior State Champs at West Fargo, ND

We have a postseaon team meeting in two weeks to help parents understand how those entries and meets proceed- swimmers can qualify for the next level at each meet with successful swims- and we have other events around the postseason to plan for. What's important right now is that swimmers are both meeting their meet commitment requirements, and getting the swims they need to qualify for events in postseason events. Log on TODAY and sign up for those next few meets TODAY. 

I've been asked to highlight several things by building staff.

  • Parents who are not members must use the waiting area outside of check-in. We have had parents use the waiting time for Otters as time to work out, without being members, so we have no wiggle room on this. I've asked that more chairs and tables be considered for waiting areas. 
  • Swimmers need to be mindful of the traffic at peak times in the building, and the need for Otters to be on their best behavior before and after practice. Running in the halls, leaving without being dressed (no pants or even shoes), screaming in locker rooms, food messes left in lobby, and more, have been topics discussions I've had to have recently with building managers. 
  • Parents should not be in the girls' or boys' locker rooms.