Meet signup reminders

David Cameron
Oct 1, 2018

Swimmers and parents,

Thank you for a great first month to the season. As we move into October, here's a few things to be aware of

  • New staff- this week, we're taking on a new full-time coach and admin. I'm excited to introduce you to our newest team member, and we'll send out a separate message with some information about her, her background in programming and planning, and where you'll see her on deck. 
  • Website- Teamunify has moved to a new platform, and we've had a month of challenges with it. At times, you'll notice our old site show up, and that means coaches are working in the site using functions they're having trouble with on the new one. Deadlines for events and some other internal information are still giving us problems, so please reach out if you've got a question. 
  • Meets- Please log in and pick your fall meets through November. I'm reopening many of them, including most October meets after this coming weekend, but if you have an issue signing up, please reach out and we'll help resolve it. 
  • Team events and MEA camps- we run many kinds of events, from team bonding outings to day caps on school release days. I'm also meeting with our marketing department to improve outreach to many schools both for camps and for getting a bigger otters presence at some nearby schools. If you've got ideas for an event, or a way to recruit more Otters at your school, let us know!

You'll see a lot of staffing settling in, with new dryland coaches and staff coming on, over the next two weeks. As we have adjusted to more practice changes and group shifts than any previous year, we're as excited as you are to find stability in each group and build up our team's identity in each unique practice session. 

Dave Cameron
Head Coach- Minneapolis Otters