Otters Youth Swim Team

The Otters Swim Team is based on the premise that kids can enjoy aquatic sports at any skill level with constant learning through detailed instruction, games, and teamwork. The Otters Swim Team strives to create a competitive swimming environment in which children can develop acceptance, respect and community with their fellow athletes in pursuit of the YWCA's mission to empower women & girls and to eliminate racism. The Otters coaches are dedicated to the development of Otters as strong individuals both in and out of the pool.

Whether your child is new to the sport of swimming or is moving to a more competitive level, the YWCA Otters Swim Team offers a positive and encouraging atmosphere for enhancing his or her swimming experience.

  • Improve swimming and endurance by working first on technique work and stroke efficiency.
  • Emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship, nutrition, and mental preparedness.
  • Optional competition for all swimmers in both YWCA trial meets and USA Swimming.
  • Flexible practice schedule offers three time slots for practices at Uptown and Midtown locations.

The Minneapolis YWCA

Our mission “to empower women and girls and eliminate racism” The YWCA of Minneapolis was founded in 1891 by a group of women pushing the boundaries of social acceptability: women
working outside of the home. The YWCA has been at the forefront of social change ever since. Throughout the early part of the century members fought against the social conventions
and prejudices of their day—working for women’s suffrage throughout the early 1900s; promoting racial equality and integration in the ‘40s; and organizing support and advocacy for single parents and welfare recipients in the early ‘60s. Today, the YWCA of Minneapolis serves over 25,000 people
annually with hundreds of programs, classes and support groups. As part of a worldwide women’s movement in over 70 countries, the YWCA strives every day to achieve:

  • Race and gender equity
  • Economic independence for women
  • Respect for diverse cultures
  • A place where children and youth thrive
  • A community that is vibrant and healthy

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