Meet Fees

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Questions can pop up about billing from time to time, to help you understand the process of monthly billing for each practice group we have laid out the information below. It covers the cost for each practice group, the billing schedule, meet fees & other fees, and how to review your account and bill. 

Meet Fees

Meet fees are charged to each swimmer participating in a meet, and there are two main ways that meets can be charged, a flat fee or a per event fee.

  1. A flat fee for the whole meet
    • Flat fee meets charge one amount no matter how many events a swimmer does.
  2. Per Event Fee
    • Initial swimmer entry fee, plus splash fees (cost per event), plus facility fee and sometimes program fee. Some meets are more expensive then others

Relays are divided by the 4 swimmers that comprise the relay. If a swimmer backs out of the meet last minute, resulting in their relay not swimming, they are charged the entire relay fee.

Once entries have been submitted to a meet you are charged the cost of the meet. So, if your swimmer is unable to attend come the day of the meet, you are still charged for it. We are required to submit payment to the host team when we submit our entries, and we do not receive refunds if swimmers do not show up to the meet. Otters does have an administrative fee added to all swimmers at meets to cover the cost of coaches attending.

Your account will be automatically billed for meet fees, you do not need to bring payment with you unless the meet allows open lane swims.


  • Billing Schedule & Other Fees
    • After your initial registration, billing is automatically charged on the 1st of each month.
      • Please review your bill in the preview that comes out before the end of the month. Use the link and log in to check each charge before it occurs.
      • Let us know if your membership status changes (member or nonmember of the YWCA). Changes need to go into effect before autobilling to be used for a month's billing.
      • All meet fees and other event or gear fees are added to the invoice automatically. Meet fees cannot be refunded if a swimmer misses a meet, as the team is required to pay them before the meet even begins. Once entries are sent to the host team, we will not change our entry fees.
      • Changes after billing has gone through, including cancelations, will be assessed a $25 administration fee.
      • Any balances not paid by the end of the day on the 3rd of the month will have a nonrefundable $25 administration fee added to them.

      • Swimmers who have not balanced their accounts by the 10th of the month will be refused entry to practice and competition.


  • How to Review Your Account & Your Bill
    • Log-In to your Otters Account
    • On the left hand side of the screen, under the "Billing" tab, go to "Invoices & Payments."
    • There, you can view your account History, and see any upcoming charges,
    • Before contacting us with a billing question, please review your account charges. More often than not, all billing questions can be answered by reviewing your account history.


Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at [email protected]