New Parent Information

Hello and welcome to the Minneapolis Otters swim team, we are happy to have you be a part of our team! As a new or returning parent to Otters, and possibly to the sport of swimming as well, it can be a bit tough at first to find out what you need to know, but we are here to help.

Meets & Events

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Missions and Values

Our team strives to use technical coaching, support, and competition to help each swimmer reach their greatest potential in the sport of swimming as a youth and to love the sport for life.


Goal-setting, team building, and skill work are used to build the plan, competition is our evaluator, and swimmers come out of our program as well-rounded athletes with a deep understanding of their sport.


Our goals are to: train swimmers well technically, teach them to be good teammates, and to encourage them to be competitive with themselves and learn to set, and achieve, goals.




Emails will go out a couple times a month. These emails cover a wide range of things like:

  • What is going on in practice
  • What meets are coming up
  • Goals that we have for practice, and for meets
  • Team Events that are coming up
  • Pressing deadlines
  • Team gear orders
  • Practice schedule changes
  • Camp information
  • Cancelations due to weather or other circumstances

Please make sure the team emails are not going to your spam folder! Make sure they are going to the correct email account (adjust what email account you want Otters emails going to, through your online account for the website) that you want, and that they are going to your inbox!




Competition is part of how we focus on technique and improvement. Through seasonal meets, swimmers can measure progress and enjoy the reward of their hard work. Families also get involved with team support at many of our meets and other team events by volunteering!


Swimmers in the Novice group can do meets, and we highly encourage them to, but they aren't required. Swimmers in groups above that level need to do seasonal meets (typically one every other month), plus the appropriate postseason meet.

Parents and families (including novice swimmers) join in this team commitment with a volunteer requirement. Most volunteer opportunities are available at meets and events we host, but others connect with special events hosted by the YWCA. Please click on the following link to find out more information:

Service Hours








Dave Cameron - Head Coach, Seniors/Pre-Seniors

Jordan Jelmeland - Lead River/Sea/Pre-Senior coach, Novice coach and Uptown Team Administrator

Tim Walton - Assistant coach

Ross Freiderich - Assistant coach  

Luke Paquin - Assistant coach

Liam Wulfman - Assistant coach

Phin Koutlas - Assistant coach

Abby Norlin-Weaver - Assistant coach




Whitney Jelmeland - Lead River/Sea coach, Novice coach and Midtown Team Administrator

Noel Hemphill - Assistant coach, Novice, River & Sea




Strength and Conditioning


Dave Cameron - Senior/Pre-Senior strength and conditioning

Noel Hemphill - dryland training



Email is the best way to contact coaches! You can reach them at [email protected]. Please give them 24-48 hours to respond.



Websites and Apps to help in your swimming experience


OnDeck for parents

Deck Pass

Meet Mobile