Safe Sport

Parent & Athlete Online Trainings

As a facility-owned program, we already have many layers of safety and protection installed in our planning and programming, but it's very important for us to communicate what resources any athlete or family can find from us, how to get more training, and what steps we are taking both in the current environment, and in the long-term, to clearly outline how we can run a safe, open, and positive program for the Otters community We've run travel events with small online trainings for this, and now we'd like to promote the training as an opportunity for learning and protection for ALL swimmers, and ALL parents within the program. 

What training can I do for this that helps our family, and our program?

Please use the links below to take these courses, and tell us what questions you've got! 

For swimmers

Safe Sport’s online training for athletes provides an introduction to Safe Sport, healthy boundaries, and how to speak up about misconduct, abuse, and the behaviors that lead to abuse. Find more information and take the training at The course is called “SAFE SPORT FOR ATHLETES”.

For parents  

Safe Sport’s online course for parents provides an introduction to Safe Sport, abuse, and reporting information.

*** For reference, our club code is MYWO.

How can I learn more or get involved?

Minnesota Swimming hosts online meetings three times a week. All zoom meetings are from 2-3 pm, on the assigned days for each group.  

Wednesday - Parent Training 


Thursday - Athlete Training (12 - 18 years old) 


Friday   - Coach Training

We would love to see parents work some of this in to their children's distance learning, and this parent training can be a great first step towards involvement in the program next year. You can expect future updates to include outlining of the growing Safe Sport section of our website, and a start on our other initiatives on Officials training, mental skill and nutrition for athletes programming, and more! 

Thanks for reading through this and involving your families in this important training.