Parent Conduct

We have team policies for swimmers and a code of conduct for them, but we also have that for parents. Otters wants everyone on the same page, swimmers, coaches, and you the parents!

Parents are who they look to for reassurance, support, and guidance. All of the Otters coaches want swimmers to love being on the team and part of the amazing sport of swimming. We ask them to be respectful of their time in the pool, their teammates, their coaches and their families, practices can be hard and meets can be scary, but we want them to have fun and use a positive attitude approaching these things.

We need you, the parents, to help your swimmers to have fun and approach every practice, meet, and new thing with a positive attitude and just to try their best that day. Be excited by what they are doing, be interested in how practice went, how their races went, what meets they want to do, and then make room in your schedule to attend and volunteer at meets. Just focus on keeping it fun so they can have the best experience of being on Otters! Things will not always go smoothly, they will not always get best times, and that is 100% okay! They can learn and get stronger from what does not work, that will benefit them.

Leave the coaching to the Otters coaches, at meets especially! As a parent you are there to support your swimmer and team, if you try and coach your swimmer as well you will be making them stressed and get more nervous then they already are. It will also give conflicting feedback with what the coaches are telling them, providing confusion and frustration for both swimmer and coach. For similar reasons, parents are asked to observe practices from designated areas - they are not allowed on the pool deck.

Every swimmer is different, and every swimmer no matter their age learns in a different way, and at a different pace. We want them doing their best at any given moment, and keeping their focus on how they are doing, not worrying about others in their lane or at meets. Meets are fun and should be approached as a check in to see how they are doing. Please do not compare your swimmer to another, and do not let them compare themselves to other swimmers, ever!

Above everything, just enjoy the sport of swimmer and being apart of the Otters with your swimmer, and have fun!!!

Below is the link to Minneapolis Otters parent code of conduct.