What is Safe Sport?


Safe Sport is USA Swimming’s abuse Prevention Effort.


USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all its members.


The Safe Sport Program has a wealth of resources, policies, best practices, tools, and procedures to help empower you to create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for your athletes.



What does that mean for Otters?

  • All non-athlete members (coaches, officials, etc.) are subject to a criminal background check and a pre-employment screening, as well as complete USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Training.
  • Otters have athlete protection policies in place with regard to travel, electronic communication, and anti-bullying.
  • Otters families have access to an arsenal of resources to assist the club leadership with implementing the best practices guidelines for athlete protection.


How will my child be protected?



  • Team Travel
  • Electronic Communication
  • Anti-Bullying Plan
  • Photography
  • Best Practice Guidelines
    • Codes of Conduct for:
      • Coaches
      • Athletes
      • Parents
  • ​​Locker Room Policy


What is the expectation for my involvement?


Communicate with your child, your child’s coaches, and other parents.

Observe practices and help out at meets and team events.

Know the standards of conduct for all coaches, volunteers, and athletes, and speak up if standards are not being upheld.



What do I do if I have a concern?