Being a part of swim team, or any sport, there are a lot of things to know and figure out. We want all of the swimmers on Otters, from Novices all the way up to Seniors, to take charge of their swimming by:

  • Knowing why you are swimming
    • You want to get better at swimming
    • You want to be with your friends, make more friends, or both
    • You like the water and want to have fun
    • You want to race
    • You want to swim in High School and beyond
    • You want to go to State
    • You want to go to the Olympics someday

Whatever your reason to swim is, we want you to know, and your reason (s) may change as you get better at swimming, and older, but you always need to know why you come to practice and what you want to get out of it.

There are also many things that you as a swimmer need to know, information that is helpful to you and in many cases (Once you are in River & above), expected that you know:

  • Code of Conduct for Otters  – how the coaches expect you to behave and conduct yourself from the moment you enter the building until you leave, and at swim meets and team events
  • Expectations  – what the coaches need of you
  • New Otter Info – what you need to know as a new swimmer on Otters, and about being in the sport of swimming
  • Equipment & Gear  – what equipment you need for practice, what equipment is recommended for practice, what equipment you will use, when and why you will use it. Also, what equipment is not allowed & why
  • Time Standards  – What they are, how to understand them, why you need to know them, how to find them
  • Nutrition – why nutrition is important for athletes, good fuel & bad fuel, what to bring to a meet, when to eat to fuel your body the best

These are things, along with many others, that we will talk about in practice, at meets, in emails etc.