New Otters

Welcome to Otters!!!!! As a new Otter there are many things to know and understand, so that you can be confident on the pool deck and in the water.

Below are some links to other areas of the Otters website with information we want you to know, and know how to find:

What to Bring to Practice:

  • We recommend that you pack your swim bag the night before practice. That way, when you are hurrying to get to school in the morning, you don't forget your practice gear. The following things you will need at each and every practice!
    • Suit
    • Cap (and have a backup pair in your bag)
    • Goggles (and have a back up pair in your bag)
    • A lock for your locker
    • Water Bottle (no glass)
    • Healthy Snack (2 is great, one for before practice and one for after practice)