Time Standards

Time standards are what swimming is measured in, and most swim meets have a system based on time standards. Times range from C (slowest with a time) to Champ (state qualifying), and from here they go up to Zone (AAA) and faster. We will be posting the  links to the time standards below.

Time standards are grouped into gender and age groupings: 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18 or Senior (any age). In each age grouping the times are measured within that age group, so when swimmers age up their times change, sometimes it is a small change and sometimes a larger change.



Short Course Yards


Long Course Yards


Different types of Meets

Intersquad - only for swimmers on Otters. This is an official swim meet within our team. These meets are low pressure and are held in order to help swimmers try new events, get times, get to a meet that works with their schedule, and get more experience. It is also a good chance for parents and family members to volunteer and learn what we do at our bigger meets.

Pre-Bronze/Bronze Novice - for swimmers with either no times in events, or Bronze times and slower. Usually only for 14 & under. These meets are perfect for beginners to meets, or swimmers looking to try new events that they may not have times in.


Bronze/Silver Open - for swimmers with Bronze times, and Silver times or slower


Silver/Gold - for swimmers with Silver times, Gold times and faster


Gold Meets - for swimmers with Gold times and faster


Gold/Silver/Bronze Open - for swimmers with Gold times, Silver times, Bronze times and sometimes slower


Open Invitationals - for swimmers with any time or no time


Time Standard Invitational - for swimmers who meet the time standards set fot the meet


MAC's Finals - for swimmers with Bronze times that were achieved during the qualifying period


MRCs - Minnesota Regional Championships - for swimmers with Gold and Silver times that were achieved during the qualifying period


State Meet - for swimmers with Champ times or faster that were achieved during the qualifying period.


Zone Meet - for swimmers with AAA the were achieved during the qualifying period. This is a summer long course meet